Decorating outside of house for Twilight for Halloween

by Ann

I'm pondering the idea of decorating the outside of my house Twilight themed (books and movie) for Halloween--so holiday appropriate but not scary. Not too over the top...just enough of a nod to get a chuckle of appreciation out of fellow fans.

Here are my ideas so far:
A tombstone for Elizabeth and Edward Masen, beloved parents of Edward
Some white roses in the flower box with "blood" on them
A ripped waving red sash
Playing the Twilight CD
A sign up that says "No wolves, dogs, or mongrels allowed"
A sign that reads "The Cullens are welcome here"
"Days Til new moon" countdown sign

and of course, I would be handing out out Twizzlers

It is doubtful I will buy a cutout but possibly a poster to hang over my front door just to make it more obvious to those who might not get it at first.

Any other suggestions? If you were walking by this house what would make you chuckle?

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Twilight themed
by: April

Pink roses like for bellas bithday, Also Alice had no party w/out trees decorated with all thos e twinkle lights! Very classy...

I Love Your Twilight Halloween Decorating Ideas!
by: Jillian

Ann, I think your Twilight Halloween House decorating ideas are very good. You are going to be the house to visit for all the Stephenie Meyer fans in your neighborhood. Wait until the word gets out that you have planned your entire Halloween decorating theme on Twilight.

I wish I lived close enough to come by and see it. If you remember, please send us a picture. Do you know how many Twilight fans would like to get a look at what you are doing?

I think you've got a lot of good ideas, and I might have one more for you. Who is your favorite character? Why not have a poster of your favorite character...Edward, Bella or Jacob...or even the window of your house, with the curtain pushed will be as if one of them is in the living room looking out!

If you visit Twilight Pumpkins I will show you where to get a free Twilight pumpkin template to carve Edward and Bella out of a pumpkin! That will look great on your porch.

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