Dark Fairy Costumes For Halloween

Dark Fairy Costumes are fun ideas for Halloween. The darker the fairy the more evil, isn't that how it goes? I don't know about that. These are some dangerous looking costumes, but they are certainly just as beautiful as all the other fae disguises we have looked at in our online Halloween costume stores.

Just click on any dark costume for more details and more costume ideas. Read about what comes with each Halloween costume. You might need fairy wings and other accessories to complete your look.

Rebel Child Fairy Costume

The first of the dark fairy costumes we have is the Rebel Child Costume and it is a little bit punk and goth looking. It comes with a faux leather bodice on the top of the dress and a really cute red plaid skirt on the bottom. The skirt is trimmed in black organza and there is nothing school girl at all about it.

You also get a spiked stud choker collar, one studded glove and a belt that has studs too. There are also black fairy wings that come with the Rebel Child. All in all, it's a wonderful 5 piece dark costume that comes in child sizes 10-12 (L) and 12-14(XL).

Rebel Fairy Child Costume

The Aviator Fairy

Here is the Aviator Fairy look...it looks like a cross between a female aviator's costume and a fairy outfit. And that is exactly what it is. It has a soft green tank style top, a black skirt, contrasting overskirt, sheer black wings, and a classic aviator hat.

Aviator Fairy Adult Costume

The only thing you may want to add to this ready to wear costume are some fun accessories like fishnet fingerless glovettes in black, black fishnet stockingsand a pair of your high heels. This fun look can be yours for Halloween.

Orange and Black Winged Pumpkin Pixie

The Pumpkin Pixie Costume is on the dark fairy costumes side, but it's a cute costume with some orange details in it. It comes in teen sizes 10-12 (L) and 12-14 (XL). This 5 piece fairy costume comes with a black and orange dress with polka dot trim on the skirt. It has black wings, legging, a choker and the cutest orange and black strip knee high leggings that complete this outfit. And if you know costume designers, this is an officially licensed Jasmine Becket-Griffith product.

Pumpkin Pixie Tween Costume

It is shown with a pumpkin purse and pointy ears which must be purchased separately.

Skulls and Stars Fairy Costume

The Skulls and Stars Fairy Costume is another dark costume but it's not too dark. It has lots of silver...skulls and stars...plus pink to brighten up this pirate looking fairy costume. The Skulls and Stars outfit comes in girls sizes (L) 10-12 and (XL) 12-14. The costume description reads "Star light, star bright, have you seen my skulls tonight?" This is a black and pink party dress that has silver stars on it. The costume set comes with black wings that have a silver skull print on them, stripped leggings in a black and silvery striped pattern...I love the legging look...there is also a pink belt and a pink choker with a charm.

Skulls and Stars Tween Costume

This outfit is shown with a skull purse for 9.99 extra. The purse is a cute addition but if you have a small black pocketbook and can draw a skull and cross bones you can make one for less. If you want it buy it or if you are handy you can make it. You can accessorize this costume with some skull shoe clips. Find them by clicking on the picture of the costume and on the right side you will see some accessory suggestions.

For some fun there is a Halloween skull ice cube tray to make skull shaped ice cubes for your party guests or for your family. I love corny stuff like this!

Goth Princess Fairy

The Goth Teen Fairy comes in teen sizes 0/1, 3/5 and 7/9. This is one of the dark fairy costumes teens love. It is a leather look costume that is on clearance sale, but it's very cute and goth looking...plus it is only 19.99 and then you can use our 10 percent off coupon for even more savings...this outfit comes with a faux-leather top, skirt and spooky looking pin. It's black and red so it isn't all that dark. The bad news is it doesn't come with wings or other accessories it is shown with. Buy the wings, gloves, bootcovers, wand and tights separately. Take a look, it's a cute teen outfit and it's just gothic looking enough to be very cool. I could not find the wings that are shown with this outfit and that is too bad, they are very nice looking.

Zombie Fairy Adult Costume

Graveyard Fairy Costume

Here is a Graveyard Fairy costume that has a pink dress with black accents. This is one of the brightest of all the dark fairy costumes, but it's punky and cute. It comes with the dress, a lace-up bodice,a pair of black detachable wings, and two arm gauntlets.

Graveyard Fairy Child Costume

Match it up with some gothic hair bows, goth makeup kit and a skull purse and you've got a look going on.

Skull Fairy Costume

The Skull Fairy Costume comes in girls sizes (L)10-12, and (XL)12-14. This is a black costume with white skulls on it. You get a headband, arm warmers, the dress, gauze tattered looking wings, and leggings with it. The headband and arm warmers have a skull on them. This is a cute outfit for the girl who wants one of the dark fairy costumes that are so popular.

Skull Fairy Child Costume

Match this Skull Fairy Costume up with the Skull Wand. The wand makes the perfect accessory for this dark fairy costume!

There are lots of Dark Fairy Costume ideas for you to look at. See which is your favorite, which fits into your price range and which is your size...then pick out your favorite. You can find more costumes of the fae at Sugar Plum fairy costume, or you can look at some gothic Halloween costumes for teens.

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