Curious George Party Ideas

Curious George Party Ideas Are Easy To Plan! Find all the party supplies, favor ideas, fun games, free coloring pages, videos and easy cake decorating ideas right here.

Get ready for some fun with a Curious George party theme. Find games kids like to play, bright colorful party supplies and the other stuff you need to plan for and host a birthday celebration. Let's start with the party's a picture of a deluxe party set. Get plates, napkins, cups and more with this money saving pack.

Curious George Deluxe Birthday Box

Curious George Deluxe Birthday Box

You can see why George is such a popular kids party theme with colorful and fun supplies like these. It's a cheerful pattern for that cheerful little monkey. You can also find a Curious George Favor Set for this monkey theme. A party theme like this calls for lots of party games...and I have some fun ideas for you. Curious George party ideas are easy to come up with once you start thinking about them. He's a monkey and monkies are all about fun.

Curious George Party Games

George is a think monkey games!

Monkey See Monkey Do Have one child be the lead monkey and everything he does the other little monkies have to do's like Follow The Leader.

Monkey Yell Contest Who can yell the loudest and sound most like a monkey?

Monkey Relay Race Mark out a start, mid-point and finish line. Form 2 teams and tell each child they must hop to the mid-point on one foot, but they have to return running like a monkey.

Check Ebay for games like:
  • Pin The Tail On The Monkey
  • Barrel Full Of Monkies
  • Beach Monkey Mini Pin Ball Games
  • Pin The Monkey On The Palm Tree
  • Silly Monkey Wood Paddle Ball Games
  • Monkey Pinata
  • Curious George Stick On Party Game
This Ebay box is set on Monkey party games but you can also search Curious George Party Games to get more fun ideas!

There are so many fun things to find for a kids party...and some of them are free. Take a look at the Curious George coloring pages you can print out to use as a party activity or a party favor!

Curious George Coloring Pages

Watch Curious George Videos At Your Kids Party

Watching Curious George videos is just as much fun as playing a game...use this quiet time to serve the birthday cake or to wind down after a fun afternoon at play. Curious George videos also make a great birthday present!

Curious George Cake Ideas

Check out Ebay to see what kind of cake decorating ideas with Curious George you can find. There should be cake rings, cake topper kits, cupcake pics, edible cake and cupcake images and some pop tops to put right on your baked and frosted birthday cake. It's really easy to use these decorating ideas to create a fun birthday cake for kids.

Have fun with all the Curious George Party Ideas you found here. I hope these fun and easy ideas help you to plan a wonderful child's birthday party.

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