Curious George Coloring Pages

How about some Free Curious George coloring pages?

You can give your kids hours of fun with these fun, free printable sheets. Use them on a rainy day or a cold afternoon, you can even give them out as a party favor if you decide to have a Curious George Party!

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Curious George Deluxe Party Kit

Curious George Deluxe Party Kit

This story begins When Ted, the man in the yellow hat, goes to Africa on a hunt for the Lost Shrine of Zagawa. He doesn't find the statue he is looking for, but he does find Curious George. George is a mischievous, but lonely, chimpanzee. George thinks the yellow hat is a banana and tries to eat it. Since George is so curious he follows Ted onto a boat and ends up in America.

Many funny adventures follow this little monkey and it's easy to see where he got the name, Curious George. Of course in the end, Ted does find the Lost Shrine of Zagawa, and Curious George finds a friend! It's a great story and the movie version stars Will Farrell, so you know everyone will have a good time should you decide to play it for movie night!

Here are 64 pictures of Curious George.

64 Curious George Coloring Pages

The movie is a little different than the child's book, which you should read to your son or daughter...or let them read it themselves if they are old enough. It's a wonderful story whether you read it or watch the movie. There's a great idea for a kids movie party. Serve up some easy party foods, like pizza and popcorn and turn the movie on. Then you can hand each kid a party goodie bag filled with some crayons and free Curious George coloring pages!

The movie introduces some new characters along with our old favorites from the book. Curious George Movie Characters:

  • Curious George-a clever little chimpanzee who follows Ted to New York
  • Ted or The Man in the Yellow Hat, works in the Bloomsberry museum. He becomes Georges best friend!
  • Maggie-is a school teacher who brings her class to the Bloomsberry museum every week
  • Mr. Bloomsberry-is the owner of the museum, and is kind and friendly
  • Junior-Mr. Bloomsberry's son
  • Clovis-An inventor who works at the museum
  • Ms. Plushbottom-Ted's neighbor. She is an opera singer
  • Ivan-The doorman at Ted's apartment building
  • Edu-Ted's African guide on the search for the Lost Shrine of Zagawa
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