Cupcakes Made With Fondant Icing

by Jillian
(Edison, New Jersey, USA)

Tropical Flower Cupcake Pictures made with fondant icing.

Tropical Flower Cupcake Pictures made with fondant icing.

Find fun cupcake ideas in our cupcake pictures. These mini cakes were topped with a fondant frosting recipe. It might be the marshmallow fondant everyone seems to like. Are you thinking, "How do you make fondant?" Well, I will give you my favorite marshmallow fondant recipe, how's that? In exchange for these great cupcake pictures and the cupcake decorating ideas you will get when you see the fondant recipe...why don't you give us a picture of a cake or some cupcakes you made and decorated?

Do you have to? NO, of course not. I can't make you...I only want you to leave a picture of your own homemade cupcakes if you WANT to. Here's some fun reasons why you should.

1. Everyone will OOH and AAH when they see your dceorated cupcakes
2. Take credit for making these cool little cakes. You should be proud of yourself...not everyone can decorate a cupcake you know.
3. You will be making your very own webpage and you can tell your friends and family where to find it so they can see it.
4. You will inspire other Moms to try to bake and decorate their own cupcakes...that's important. You will help other people see that they can do this too.
5. It's fun to see your pictures up on the World Wide Web.
6. Because Cake and cupcake pictures are my favorite thing!

Well, there are several reasons why you should share your cupcake pictures with me and the other people who read this site. I hope you decide to...but if you don't you can still look at the cakes pictured here, take the fondant recipe and get lots of easy decorating ideas for yourself!

These pictures are great! They come from Blue Sheep Bake Shop in Metuchen, New Jersey and you can find their link on our Fun Cake Designs page. They make some really great cakes for birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, name it. You can also see more of their great cake pictures on that page.

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