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I love Cupcake pictures...and cupcake recipes! I think it's fun to take a little plain cupcake and turn it into something special. It's easy and fun to take cupcake designs and turn them into the talk of the party!

I also like to collect cupcake recipes, so if you have a good one, why not share it with me! You can make your own web page for the exchange, plus you can find some new recipes to try yourself.

Take a look at our pictures, and remember we are not professional decorators or photographers, we are Moms who like to bake, decorate and treat our kids to some fun, easy cupcakes. We use simple ingredients and decorations for our cupcakes. Edible images are really amazing and so are sugar decorations. They make cupcake decorating ideas super easy...and lots of fun. So here are some of our homemade treat pictures you are sure to enjoy.

The easiest cupcake recipe to use is the boxed cake mixes that are for sale on every grocery store shelf. All you usually have to add is eggs. You will also find canned cake frosting right next to them. All you have to do is add a few simple ingredients and you will have a tasty dessert for your party. Decorations are easy to make with pieces of candy or the tubes of cake decorating gel you will find right in the same aisle.

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Purple Monster Halloween Cupcake Not rated yet
I just used tubes of frosting that I bought at the food store to decorate my cupcakes. One of them had some free frosting tips on it, so I could screw …

Monster Halloween Cupcake Not rated yet
Use some candy and frosting to decorate your cupcakes to look like Halloween Monsters. Everyone will be thrilled with how great they look. You can …

Halloween Brownies with Cookie Tombstones Not rated yet
Just whip yourself up a batch of brownies using your favorite recipe and frost them. Then get out some shaped cookies, like Mint Milanos and use frosting …

Halloween Twinkie Spider Cupcake  Not rated yet
Hey, I made this Halloween Spider with a Twinkie, some licorice and some candy eyes I bought in a cake decorating store. It was really easy. I just …

Green Monster Halloween Cupcake Not rated yet
Here's another funny Halloween cupcake with a green monster drawn on it. I told you it was easy to decorate your Halloween cupcakes when you use tubes …

Funny Halloween Cupcake Not rated yet
Here's a cupcake with a green monster drawn on it in frosting. It's easy to decorate your cupcakes with the tubes of frosting they sell in the stores. …

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