Cupcake Decorating Ideas to Make your Kid's Party Fun and Easy!

Cupcake decorating ideas are fun and easy! Here are some easy cupcake decorating ideas for your next kids party. You'll find:

  • easy cupcake recipes
  • cupcake frosting recipes
  • decorating ideas

The Party Works - Party Supplies and Ideas

One of my favorite cupcake or cake decorating ideas is using an edible cupcake topper. It's so easy to frost your cupcakes and place the edible cupcake topper on top of each one. It looks like you had a professional baker make the dessert for your kid's party. And cupcakes for kids make the perfect party dessert!

Cupcake recipes are easy and quick to prepare. Cupcake frosting recipes are easy to whip up and apply. It makes cake decorating fun and it looks fantastic!

You can find edible cupcake and cake toppers at Partyworks. Why not make your next kid's party easy to prepare for? If your smart, and I know you are, you'll give these wonderful cupcake toppers a try! Below you will see a picture of Mickey Mouse Cake to get some of your own cake decorating ideas. Just click on it to see more exciting and easy cupcake and cake edible decorating ideas for your next party!

Mickey Mouse Cake Decorating Packages

These wonderful cake topper kits, edible or plastic, make cake decorating easy as can be. It will be fun for you and your kids to decorate their own birthday cake...and have it look like a professional did it. Only you guys will know the truth! It was inexpensive and easy to do, and you made it yourself! Wait till you tell everyone! Your going to get so many compliments. Won't that feel good!

If cupcakes aren't just what you are looking for you should look at Birthday Cake Design. You might find some great cake decorating ideas there! You can also check out our Cake Topper Kits

Just click that link for some very inexpensive cupcake decorations for any time of the year. Right now you can find lots of sugar decorations for Halloween cupcakes and cake decorating ideas...decorations like:

  • Witch's Hats
  • Candy Corn Faces
  • Bat
  • Cat
  • Cauldron
  • Ghost
  • Mummy
  • Spider
  • Scary Eyeballs
There's lots more...take a look!
Halloween Decorations for your cupcakes and cakes

Scary Eyeballs for Halloween Cupcakes

Cupcake Pattern and Instructions

What kind of cupcakes are you looking for?

List of Cupcake Ideas

Check out our Pictures.

Best Cupcake Recipe

Here are some of the best cupcake recipes I know. If you enjoy baking cupcakes, take a look at these delicious recipes and use the cupcake decorating ideas with them for some special treats to make at home.

Cupcake Recipes

Cupcake Frosting and Icing Recipes

  • Banana Frosting
  • Black and White Frosting
  • Basic Butter Frosting
  • Broiled Coconut Frosting
  • Caramel Butter Frosting
  • Chocolate Frosting Recipe
  • Chocolate Butter Frosting
  • Chocolate Molasses Frosting
  • Coffee or Mocha Icing
  • Coffee Butter Frosting
  • Confectioners Sugar Glaze
  • Corn Syrup Frosting
  • Cream Cheese Frosting~great for Carrot Cake Recipes
  • Fruit Juice Icing
  • Fudge Frosting
  • Lemon Icing
  • Maple Frosting
  • Meringue Frosting
  • Orange Icing
  • Orange or Lemon Butter Frosting
  • Royal Icing
  • Sour Cream Caramel Frosting
  • Strawberry Frosting
  • Vanilla Frosting Recipe
  • Whipped Cream Filling
  • Whipped-Chocolate Frosting

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