Cowboy Birthday Party Ideas Are Always Fun And Easy

Cowboy Birthday Party Ideas

Howdy Pardner!
Cowboy Birthday Party Ideas are always in high demand. Western Cowboy Party Themes (Or Cowgirl Parties as the case may be) remain hugely popular among young boys and girls alike.

Plenty of rural kids also remain true to their roots by listening to country music and dreaming of riding and roping someday. Of course a lot of city slicker kids are doing the same thing. It doesn't matter where you were born, Being a cowboy is something in your heart

There are plenty of occasions for you to use your child’s western fervor to throw an appropriately themed party:

1. Birthday Party
2. Reward Party
3. Graduation Party
4. Barbecue

Whether you’re celebrating a special day, acknowledging a special accomplishment, or just showing your kid you care, a western party is just the ticket.

Here are a few ways you can carry the cowboy birthday party ideas throughout the entire party:

1. What do you eat at a cowboy party? Serve traditional “grub” like baked beans, corn on the cob, and pulled pork sandwiches, or let the guests roast their own hot dogs over a fire.
2. Place pitchers of water, lemonade, milk, soda, etc at intervals and have the guests drink from tin cups.
3. Eat sitting on straw bales, stumps, or at picnic tables covered in the traditional red-checkered tablecloths.
5. Make a CD of your child’s favorite country western tunes as the soundtrack for the party.
6. Make some cup cakes and decorate them with plastic cowboys,indians and horses.

Cowboy Party Decorations

Who Wants A Cowboy Hat? Everyone at the party will so make sure you have enough hats for all the little cowboys. These can double as a party favor everyone can take home

Pictures of Cactus, horses, ropes (lasso), Indians, boots, cowboy spurs. Bales of hay were mentioned above, they would be great!

There are all kinds of cowboy party supplies available to decorate your table with napkins, cups, plates. Don't forget some western mylar balloons.

Cowboy Party Games

Here are some western style activities your young cowboys are sure to enjoy:

1. Pony rides (on real ponies or on stick ponies)

2. Lasso tricks

3. Line dancing

4. Target practice (with water guns) Put some tin cans on your fence and let the kids"shoot" them off

5. How about a new twist on an old game...Pin the Cowboy on the Bronco

6. Bean Bag Toss right into a ten gallon hat.

7. For the younger crowd you can get some free cowboy printable coloring pages and let them color the afternoon away.

You might even consider taking the kids on a tour of a dude ranch or to a local rodeo. By the end of the party, they’ll all want to be cowboys when they grow up!

Now that you've started to think about it and have gotten a few good ideas I'll bet you'll find a lot more cowboy birthday party ideas of your own.

How about some Wild, Wild West Cowboy Party Invitation Ideas?

You can check here to find out how you can make your own cowboy party invitations!
Cowboy Party Invitation Ideas

Come on along now, we got to hop in the saddle and ride 'em cowboy!

Birthday Party Ideas

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