Cowboy Birthday Party Ideas

Cowboy birthday party ideas are for cowgirls too. So get ready to saddle up and hit the party planning trail with fun cowboy party ideas for your next kids birthday party. Take a look at our party ideas and our cowboy birthday supplies for some ideas.

Every child has played cowboys or cowgirls, well, lets' get serious and have a cowpoke birthday party. Invite all the little ranch hands you know. Cowboy birthday party ideas (or cowgirl party ideas) are an easy kids party theme to plan, prepare for and find fun party games for. In other words, it's an easy party theme for you Mom. It's also fun for kids, or those bigger kids you know, adults!

Make sure to let everyone know from the getgo that it's a cowboy party. Tell them to come in some kind of western duds to get an extra rope licorice.

Get some really good cowboy birthday party ideas and Western Party Supplies.

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~ Cowboy Birthday Party Ideas ~

Cowboy Birthday Party Ideas Includes 10 Gallon Hats

You want them dressed like cowboys and cowgirls, after all you will be transforming your yard into the wild wild west, the least your party guests could do is dress the part. Of course, you will have a cowboy 10 gallon hat as a party favor, along with a deputy badge, so even if your guests don't dress in cowpoke duds, they will look the part.

It's just plain fun to dress up in a cowboy hat, actually it's called a Stetson, it makes you feel like you just rode in from the range! It makes you think you really are a cowboy! These cool 10 gallon hats (which hold about 3 quarts) also come in pink for the ladies. Make everyone a name tag with cowboy names like Tex from Dry Gulch, or Annie Oakley from Texas or ...Tumbleweed Bob, Wild Bill, Bronco Billy or Slim! Get everyone into the spirit of the party.

What did parties look like in the wild, wild west? It looked like a barnyard most likely, since the cowboys lived and worked on ranches. Barns, horses, cows, chickens....bales of hay will all make your yard look like an authentic western ranch and hoedown scene...and of course horses would help, but that's going to be forget the farm animals and chickens, but you can get a couple bales of hay from a garden center. How much could hay cost? Your yard would look authentic. Of course Pardner, you can make your own hay by using boxes with burlap glued onto it.

~ Cowboy Birthday Party Ideas ~

Cowboy Birthday Supplies

Take a look at some Cowboy birthday supplies. Buy a western theme tablecloth and set your party table with some theme tableware. Plates, cups and napkins decorated with horses, farm animals or cowboys at a rodeo will look great. Get some boot or star shaped confetti and sprinkle that around the table. We recommend Celebrate Express or Birthday in a Box for some cool looking western party plates and decorations. Each of these online party supply stores has a pre-packed party box filled with enough cowboy party supplies for up to 8 kids. These party packs come in basic or deluxe sizes to fit your needs. At birthday in a box it's called Kit n Kaboodle. Both of these online party supply catalogs will also have some theme party favors and accessories for you to look at. Along with your cowboy hats and deputy badges, hand each guest a water gun (they will need it later to play the shoot the can game anyway) and a colorful bandanna as a party keepsake.

There are some wall decorations and door covers you can get to make your yard, or house look like the Old West. You've got your choice of a dessert scene with cactus, red rocks, coyote, tumbleweeds, vultures, rattlesnakes and more...there is also a set of wall decorations that will make your party area look like an old western frontier town complete with blacksmith , a Feed & Seed Store, a trading post and a saloon. (This covers about 5 ft of wall). There is even a wall cover with the town folk in it. It includes a stage coach, a cowboy on horseback a cowboy with a lasso, some buffalo and 's really cool to be able to get these wall decorations. Use some tape or Sticky Tack to hang them up. There is , of course, one set of wall decorations with ashoot out scene on it. Everyone knows there is a shoot out in every western movie we ever saw, so this will be some authentic decorations for your western party. The shoot out scene has a sheriff, the bank robber, the bank the jail and more for a total of 9 pices in this set.

~ Cowboy Birthday Party Ideas ~

Cowboy Birthday Party Games

Cowboy birthday party games are easy to find and plan.

  • Water Pistols, Target Practice will make a great party game...set some empty cans up on a fence or ledge and let your little gunslingers knock the cans off with the waterguns.
  • Got Horseshoes? That sounds like a pretty authentic western game cowboys would have played while they were partying. Pin the Star on the Sheriff or Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Horse or Cow work well with the western theme you have chosen for your kids party.
  • A 3 Legged Race is an authentic old time game cowboys played. Get up some teams and give it a try.
  • Pass the Rattlesnake is a cowboy party kids game played using a rubber snake similar to hot potato.
  • Gold Rush is a take off on the Gold Rush when prospecters came from all over to get rich finding gold. Use a gold mine map with some clues to help your little "49ers" or gold miners find the gold treasure you have hidden.
  • Finish the cowboy games up with a Western Pinata in the shape of a Cow, Texas Longhorn Steer, A sherrif badge or a cowboy's best friend, a horse.
You can find more western cowboy game ideas at Pinatas. The game rules and how to play are posted therel These party games include:
  • I've been working on the railroad
  • Pony express
  • Cowboys and indians
  • Foxes and squirrels

~ Cowboy Birthday Party Ideas ~

Get Some Cowboy Song Lyrics

Have a sing-a-long around the barbeque pit, print some cowboy song lyrics out for the kids. Roast some marshmallows (I don't know how western or cowboyish that is, but I do know it's tasty!) Sing some lonely on the prarie cow poke songs. Or dance to some square dance or two step music. Keep the western music going for a round of freeze dance or musical chairs!

~ Cowboy Birthday Party Ideas ~

Grab Some Grub On The Chow Wagon

Cowboy Party Food Ideas, or in cowboy talk...Grub

Grub Time at the Chow Wagon....cowboys and cowgirls cooked over open it's a barbeque menu for this western shindig. Get out grandma's best hamburger recipe and grab the hotdogs too. Corn on the cob along with some baked beans will make a fine western party meal.

~ Cowboy Birthday Party Ideas ~

Cowboy Birthday Cakes

Cowgirl or cowboy birthday cakes are easy to make. Find an edible cake image online or pick out a horse/cowboy cake topper kit. With the edible cake images, you can choose any picture you like and you can even have it personalized. There are also some shaped cake pans you can use to make your own birthday cake. I've seen a horseshoe cake pan or a star shaped cake pan, so you can bake your own designed cake.

~ Cowboy Birthday Party Ideas ~

How to Talk Like a Cowboy

Teach your guests How to Talk Like a Cowboy

  • Chow or Grub is food
  • Dogie is a calf without a mother
  • Maverick is an unbranded horse
  • Mustang is a wild horse
  • On the Dodge is hiding out from the law
  • Paint is a horse with white patches
  • Rodeo is a party after the cattle drive
  • Round up is gathering all the cows to take a count
  • Rustler is a cattle thief
  • Shindig is a party
  • Tenderfoot is a person new to the cattle business
You've got your cowboy party invitations, favor ideas, games, party food and birthday cake all set. Your cowboy birthday supplies are all set up on the table and you are ready to Open the Ranch for some hoedown fun!

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