Cowboy Birthday Cakes

Cowboy Birthday Cakes can be made in one of two different ways. You can use an edible cake image or you can bake and decorate your own homemade birthday cake. Which ever way you decide, you can find what you need on this page. Or you can go to our make a Cow Cake page.

Make Your Own Cowboy Birthday Cake

I found this helpful how to make your own cowboy birthday cake video. Watch it, see what ingredients you need and when you have the ingredients you need, bake your cake. Look out cakes, cowboy is coming to town.

A quick thanks to Videojug and Jan Clement-May of Sugarcraft School, Squires Kitchen for these instructions.

Cowboy Cake Ingredients

Here are the ingredients you will need to make this cowboy cake:

  • 2 Large plain sponge cakes
  • Jam
  • Buttercream
  • Chocolate buttons
  • Strawberry buttons
  • Yellow coloured sugar or yellow sherbert
  • Cocktail sticks
  • Cowboy and Indian toys

Step 2: Jam and sponge
Sandwich your two sponge cakes together using the jam. The sticky jam will help them stay together when you put them up on end.

Step 3: Cut and shape cake
Cut off one side of the cake so it can stand on end. Then carve it into a triangle with curved sides. Trim the edges to make a cone shape. Trim the off cuts into a triangular slice, and position this on end against the sides of the larger cake to enhance the shape of the cone.

Step 4: Buttercream
Cover the whole construction with white buttercream, using a pallette knife to smooth it onto the cake.

Step 5: Teepee
Stick five cocktail sticks into the top of the cake - these will be the poles supporting the teepee. Press a zig-zag line of chocolate buttons into the buttercream, all the way around the bottom of the cake. Repeat this pattern higher up as well. Finish the cake by runing a knife up the centre of the front panel, to give the impression of an entrance.

Spread a thin layer of buttercream over the board around the cake. Using a spoon, sprinkle yellow sugar over the buttercream to create sand. Press some cowboy and indian figures into the sand.

Once you get started designing your cowboy cake you can use any decorating ideas you get. It is a funny thing that happens when you begin to follow a design for decorating a cake, you begin to get your own wonderful and unique ideas and all of a sudden you've got an entirely different cake than the one you thought you were going to make. It is really a lot of fun!

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