Cowboy Baby Shower - Cowboy Diaper Cake

Western And Cowboy Baby Shower Supplies And A Cowboy Diaper Cake So You Can Host A Rootin' Tootin' Shower.

What kind of baby shower supplies will you find here?
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Just the stuff you need to host a fun shower with a Western flair.

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Let's start with the shower banner. This one, of course, has a cowboy design...just like all the rest of these baby shower supplies from Find everything you need to plan and host the perfect baby shower for that Mom-to-be.

Cowboy Baby Shower Invitations

This supplies is know for it's squiggle invites so these cowboy baby shower invitations are squiggley! Take a look at the fun Little Cowboy design on these invites. You can get the regular fill in the information kind or order personalized invitations with up to 14 lines of print. See which ones fit your needs and your shower budget...they are all cute as can just have to pick out your favorite.

Little Cowboy - Personalized Baby Shower Invitations With Squiggle Shape

These are printed on High Quality 120# Premium Grade Kromekote Gloss Stock and that is a heavy satin photo paper with a glossy sheen. These are made in the USA and each is 7 x 5. Of course you get envelopes too...the only catch is you have to order at least 25. Same goes for the Little Cowboy - Personalized Vellum Overlay Baby Shower Invitations With Squiggle Shape...these are really cute, but I like the Vellum overlay.

The fill-ins are pretty darn cute too...that little cowboy is just too sweet!

Little Cowboy - Set of 8 Fill In Western Baby Shower Invitations

Cowboy Baby Shower Supplies

The Cowboy Baby Shower Supplies come in individual packs of plates, cups and napkins or you can buy a larger party pack filled with lots of stuff. The individual items come in packs of 8 while the party packs come packed for 8, 16, 32 or 64 shower guests.

And the bigger packs also save you some money...the 64 pack can save you almost 26.00...that's a significant savings. Pick the supplies that fit your needs, click on any link or picture to get more information and see all the party supplies in this Cowboy shower theme.

Little Cowboy Baby Shower Party Ware - 32 Big Dot Bundle

Little Cowboy Baby Shower Party Ware - 32 Big Dot Bundle

Cowboy Diaper Cake

Here's that Cowboy Diaper Cake everyone loves! This diaper cake comes in 2 or 3 layer sizes and is cute as can matches the Cowboy baby shower supplies perfectly and makes a nice table centerpiece for the gift table, the buffet table or the Mom to be's table.

The 2 tier diaper cake is made with 24 size 2 disposible diapers and the 3 tier diaper cake is made with 60 size 2 disposible diapers. These cakes make a great gift for a Mom to be...we all know she will be able to use the diapers!

2 Tier - Little Cowboy Diaper Cake

Cowboy Baby Shower Decorations

There are more Cowboy baby shower decorations to match your party ware and the diaper cake. The first thing you saw on this page was the personalized banner. It would look great hanging on the wall at the shower. You can add a personalized table centerpiece to each table.

Little Cowboy - Personalized Baby Shower Centerpieces

You can get some cute themed Little Cowboy - Set of 8 Personalized Baby Shower Name Tag Stickers for each guest. These make introductions very easy.

Baby Shower Cupcake Ideas

Cupcakes are in so I have some cute baby shower cupcake ideas for you. Cupcakes are also very easy to make and frost...and these cupcake wrappers take care of the decorating ideas for you. Just slip each finished cupcake into one of these wraps and you are done.

Little Cowboy  - 12 Baby Shower Cupcake Wrappers

Baby Shower Party Favor Ideas

There are several cute baby shower party favor ideas with a Cowboy themed container. For the Do It Yourself ladies out there you can find shower favor containers with the Little Cowboy on them. Put your own party favors into these containers. Or find the lip gloss, candles or body butter in Little Cowboy packages already. There are also candy bar wrappers in large and small sizes and they can be personalized. Check your budget, pick your favorite shower favor idea and go with it. Click on the shower favor below to see some of the other ideas.

Little Cowboy - Personalized Candy Bar Wrapper Baby Shower Favors

Baby Shower Games

Now for the really fun part of the's time for Games! I like to play games when I go to a shower. I think games are great ice breakers at any kind of a party. Games make people loosen up and help them have a good they can also win some game prizes if you supply them. I like prizes too!

You can find lots of printable game ideas on our Printable Baby Shower Games Page.

Or you can choose one of these hysterical baby shower games for your guests to play. Here are a couple of my find more ideas, just click on any picture and you can see what other shower games there are to pick from. The Dirty Diaper Game shown is the best selling shower game on the site and it comes in blue or pink and maybe in mixed colors too.

Blue Dirty Diaper Game - Baby Shower Game - 10 diapers

Blue Dirty Diaper Game - Baby Shower Game - 10 diapers

Another fun idea is this Baby Shower Drinking Game. Read about it and I bet you will think it's pretty funny just like I do!

Bottles Up! A 6-Pack of Baby Bottles - Coed Baby Shower Game - 6 Baby Bottles

Bottles Up! A 6-Pack of Baby Bottles - Coed Baby Shower Game - 6 Baby Bottles

And then there is Sweet Mess - Baby Shower Game - 4 Candy Bars & Diapers - 24 Player Sheets. New and Improved "classic" baby shower game that has stood the test of time!! Oooeyyy gooeeyyy what is that pooeeyy?? This is the game that will keep your guests LAUGHING throughout your event.

Here's how the "SWEET MESS" game works:

1. Just before playing the game, place the designated candy bar in the #1 labeled diaper. (Refer to the answer sheet for candy bar locations.)

2. Place the diaper /candy bar combo in the microwave on high for 20 seconds. Stir the candy bar around in the diaper with a toothpick and microwave for an additional 10 seconds.

3. Repeat this process for the remaining three diapers.

4. Pass the diapers around, have each guest look, smell, taste and LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH!! then write their answer on the answer sheet. The guest who correctly identifies the most "sweet mess" diaper/candy bar combos is the WINNER!

The Total Baby Shower Supply Package

Big Dot of Happiness also has a huge party pack that contains fill in invitations, thank you cards, lunch napkins, beverage napkins, dessert plates, dinner plates, plastic utensils, stickers to use on envelopes or favors, streamers, balloons and a tablecloth plus a banner that can be personalized. This is one of those pre-packed specials that can save you money...but it has more than the supplies pack I showed you at the top of the page. Take a look at the details before you decide which to order.

Little Cowboy  - 16 Baby Shower Party Pack

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