Cow Cakes For A Kids Birthday Party

Cow Cakes are the perfect birthday cake design for a kids farm or barnyard birthday party theme. Let's go Old Mc Donald and host a farm theme party. You can find the perfect litte kids party supplies and fun favor ideas to go with this amusing theme.

These Barnyard Animal Party Supplies come in the regular pattern and in 1st or 2nd birthday styles. These party supplies can be personalized. Get your kids picture on the party supplies for his or her birthday...How great is that! This is a fun kids birthday theme and you can find lots of fun party ideas to go with a Barnyard Animal theme.

Birthday Cake Design For A Barnyard Party

Lee Woodruff from Family Fun is going to help by showing us how to make a birthday cake that looks like a cow with this video. A barnyard pals party needs a creative birthday cake design and that's where our cow comes in.

To make a cow cake you will need:

  • a round cake
  • three cupcakes
  • a domed cake...bake it in a bowl or a dome cake pan
  • black string licorice
  • candy fruit slices
  • malted milk balls
  • vanilla frosting
  • chocolate frosting
  • licorice gumdrops

Cake decorators suggest that you chill your cakes to make it easier to frost them. Get your cakes ready to frost. Cut off the rounded top part of your dome cake. Spread some icing on the center of your round cake and put the dome cake on that spot. Put the wide side of the dome cake face down on your round cake. The icing will act like glue and hold it in place. Those two cakes make up the face of your cow cake.

Make hoofs by placing two cupcakes at the bottom of your cake. Cut the third cupcake in half and place one half on the top sides of your cake. These will be the ears of the cow. You can use frosting to hold them in place or attach them using toothpicks.

Now, frost the entire cake with white frosting. When that is done, make some brown spots on the cow's body with the chocolate icing.

Now for some birthday cake design fun...making your cake look like a cow. Use the malted milk balls for your eyes. You can also replace them with Junior Mints or Milk Duds. Use some black gumdrops for the nose, a pink fruit slice for each ear and a half of a pink fruit slice for the cow's mouth. Use the black licorice for the hooves and the eyelashes.

Here is a video to show you how to make a cow cake for a kids birthday party.

Take a look at the party favors and the personalized birthday banner you can use to decorate your party and thrill your little party guests. It's fun to use a theme for a kids party.

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