Couples Costume Ideas for Halloween

Aren't Halloween couples costume ideas fun? When you go to a costume party it's a fun idea to go in matching costumes. First, take a look at the selection of costumes that are available. Think about how you want to look...spooky, sexy or funny! You and yours will be able to find costumes for couples in each of these costume themes.

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Spooky Costumes For Couples

One of the classic Halloween pairs is the Gothic Vampire and the Gothic Vampira.

Add some Custom Vampire Fangs in Coffin as a man's accessory, while the ladies seem to prefer the "Love Bites" Deluxe Custom Fangs in the cute little heart box. Just slip the fangs onto your teeth. These fangs are much more comfortable to use than a plastic mouthpiece.

To complement the costumes try the Modern Vampire Wig for the man. The Goth Vampira Wig, the Vamp Wig or the Black Historical Wig that towers above your head, will all be perfect with the Vampira.

You might decide to add a piece of jewelry. Doesn't the Blood Stone Jewel Set seem like the perfect choice? Every lady, dead or alive, needs to wear her jewels. Get some liquid blood caps and the Everlasting Kiss Kit to complete the outfits.

Ladies, you've got to look at these shoes! These black and red Vampyra adult shoes have an open toe and are the cutest shoes for any outfit.

Zombie Couples Costumes For Halloween

If bloodsucker is not your thing, why don't you and your honey go as the Mummy King and Mummy Queen. These mummy costumes are fun to wear, and how often does Mummy get out? There's also a Skeleton Zombie costume for men that matches the Mummy Bride perfectly.

The Mummy costume is one of those old, classic Halloween costume ideas. It's been around forever and now it's getting a second life as a couples costume.

Zombie Couples Costume Ideas

Another fun costume for couples is the Zombie outfit. Be one of the undead with your sweetie this Halloween. There are a couple of fun costumes you can use with your partner to make these Zobmies a pair.

Zombie costumes need makeup and we found several different color choices for you to pick from. There is your basic zombie black and white, but modern zombies like much more color than that. Take a look at the colors and click the picture to find more make up to create a scary zombie for Halloween.

If you are engaged, or married, the Corpse Bride and Corpse Groom would be a good couples costume choice. Don't forget to order your black rose bouquet! No bride should have to go without her flowers.

Sexy Costumes

It's fun to dress up in the Devil's Delight costume, girls, but even more fun when the mister is dressed as The Handsome Devil Elite. This devils costume is great for a man and even better when you and he have these matching couples costume.

Everyone loves a man in a military costume, they are so attractive. A Sailor's uniform is so crisp and white, it's one of the most attractive of all the military uniforms. The Seafaring Sailor costume looks even better when it's matched with the Sexy Sailor Adult costume for women.

Take a look at the shoes that Lady Sailor is wearing that match this outfit...they are great. The "Matey Shoes" are blue and white with open peep-toes. Best yet is the little white bow that holds a red anchor. These are shoes that could sink ships!

If your into sports, why not put on your Tight End Adult Costume, or the Everlast Boxer costume. For the lady in your life there's the Pleated Penalizer Referee costume. Get the Taylor boots, actually a sneaker boot, to complete this ref's costume. Remember, no unnecessary roughness, or you'll get a penalty.

A wonderful Renaissance costume for couples is Robin Hood and Maid Marion Adult Costumes. Remember, Robin is known for robbing from the rich and giving to the poor so be sure to bring some gold foiled chocolates to hand out.

Fun Loving Couples Costume Ideas

The how can you talk about couples costume ideas without putting some funny couples costumes into the mix. How about the Old Ball and Chain costume? The couple is connected with a strap, but it is detachable. Perfect for the couple with a good sense of humor!

The Bacon and Eggs are perfect together, just like the two of you. The Plug and Socket costume seem to have a little electricity between them! You might just win the funniest couples costume contest at that Halloween party you are going to.

If you are feeling "groovy" look to the 60's or 70's for your couples costume ideas. How about "I Got You Babe"? Dress up in funky outfits and go as Sonny and Cher. I'll bet this couples costume is good for the grooviest costume prize.

Go ahead, think over these couples costume ideas and then pick out the perfect costume for the two of you. Make sure you have lots of fun together, this Halloween and always!

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