Cookie Monster Party Ideas

Cookie Monster party ideas...bring one of the most favorite Sesame Street Characters to your house! What a great party theme this blue cookie eating muppet makes. He is the big blue furry monster who will eat cookies constantly if you let him. Cookie Monster party ideas are a big favorite of kids of all ages.

Cookie Monster Invitations

It's very easy to make party invitations. All you need to make your very own party invitations is some Blue Construction paper and some Cookie Monster clipart or stickers. Write all your party information on the construction paper. Add some stickers or clipart you have printed from your PC and your invites are complete! Make sure you have included all the party information you need:

  • Who
  • What
  • Where
  • When
  • Time
  • RSVP

  • Then send them out and wait to hear back from all your prospective party guests!

    Cookie Monster Games

    How about a Cookie Monster Cookie decorating game? Make cookies, set out some blue frosting and some candy decorations and let each child design their own Cookie! Let them make several and make sure to take some pictures of their creations! Give each one a ziplock bag and let them take their treats home with them.

    "Pin The Cookie onto Cookie Monster"...Pin the Anything is a fun party game for kids...They will enjoy this game.

    Sing some Sesame Street songs! Sesame Street songs are very popular with kids...and Cookie Monster songs are perfect for this party theme. Some good Cookie Party song ideas are:

  • C is for Cookie
  • Gingerbread Man
  • Healthy Food
  • M-M-M Monster Meal
  • Me Gotta Be Blue
  • Fuzzy and Blue (and Orange)
  • The list of songs you can use from Sesame Street goes on and on, but these are a few fun ideas for you to use.

    Cookie Monster Pinata! Pinatas filled with goodies are always a big treat at a kids party. Fill your Cookie Monster pinata with Sesame Street related goodies or candy treats. Watch everyone's eyes when the pinata breaks open and goodies flow out!

    Cookie Party Supplies

    Cookie Monster and Sesame Street party supplies are so easy to find. If you don't want decorated cups and plates just use some blue ones. Get some latex and mylar least one or two with Cookie Monster on them...and decorate your party room or back yard. There are even decorations you can put on your walls and of course, a party table centerpiece. Make it look nice, but you don't have to over do it, and make sure you stick to your party budget!

    Making a Cookie Monster Cake or Cupcakes

    A Cookie Monster Birthday Cake is not too difficult to make yourself. Bake your cake as usual...add some blue food coloring to a white frosting and apply the frosting to your cake. Make eyes out of a marshmallow that you have cut in half, and dab some black cake decorting gel on to the center of the marshmallow.

    If you like a fuzzy Cookie...Dye some coconut flakes blue. Put them on top of your cakes frosting to make it look "furry". Then make your eyes. If you want to serve Cookie Monster cupcakes use the same ideas...only on a smaller scale! Cake or Cupcakes, that's the question? LOL...Which ever you decide I am sure all your little Sesame Street Fans will be thrilled! Whether it's a cake or cupcakes you prefer to serve your party guests they are both easy to make!
    Cookie Monster party ideas are fun for kids and easy for you, Mom.

    Would you like some more fun party activities and supply ideas? Check out Oriental Trading Company for the cheapest price on party supplies that I have found! Look at this Sesame Friends 1st Birthday set for only 19.99...Oriental Trading Company, Inc.

    Plus you can find fun party stuff like sesame street tattoos, balloons and even a candle set with Cookie Monster! Cookie Monster Party ideas and party supplies don't have to be expensive, just fun!

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