Construction Party Ideas

Construction party ideas are perfect for a kids birthday party theme. You can find a truck load of great party supplies and favor ideas for the construction theme. Little boys and girls love to build things, they like to play with trucks so you can combine these favorite things to do with a construction theme.

Look at these party supplies for your construction party. They are from Birthday In A Box. One of the most popular online kids party suppliers online. You can see why they are so popular...aren't these great?

Construction Party Birthday Box

Construction Table Cover

Construction Site Sticker Book

Now here are some different patterns for a construction party theme. These are from Birthday Express , another online party catalog store.

Use the things you would find on a construction site to decorate for your party. Danger Zone tape, big trucks, hard hats, building tools all work well with this popular kids party theme.

These pictures of party supplies look great, don't they? Well, if they look good to you, imagine how thrilled the kids are going to be!

You know what party supplies and decorations you are going to need.:

  • Tablecloth
  • Party Favors
  • Plates
  • Napkins
  • Cups
  • Centerpiece
  • Balloons
  • Streamer

Get some ideas from our free party planning guide book, Construction Party Ideas.

Work Site Decorations

Get each guest a Safety yellow construction hard hat! Welcome your guests to the party with a personalized party banner. Put some construction cones around your yard or party room. Find some construction vehicle balloons and tie them to party chairs. Use a dump truck as a table centerpiece.

Construction Cups

Construction Wall Decorations

Baby Vehicles

Wall decorations can make your party room look like an authentic construction site. You can get a set of wall stickers with pictures of signs, trucks and equipment.

Construction Party Favors

Get each child a mini truck or a construction stickerbook as a fun party favor.

For one of your party games prepare a "Bulldozer 18½"" Pinata"...fill it with sweets and goodies for the kids, get a pull string conversion kit for safety if your pinata is not of the pull string variety. The pinata game is a kids party favorite!

Construction Cones

Construction Cone Candles

Construction Truck Pinata

You can buy a ready made Construction Pals Party Favor Box filled with

  • Construction Truck
  • Vehicle Sticker
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Squirt Toy
  • Silly Straw
Or choose the favor box that contains:
  • A Truck
  • Inflatable Hammer
  • Construction Equipment Stickers
  • A Bubble Tumbler
  • Bob the Builder Punch Balloon
You can also get these favor items individually, so you can pick and choose the favor ideas you like best.

Construction Party Games Are Fun

Every kids party needs some fun games and activities and these construction party games are the perfect games for you! Just take a look at these ideas:

  • Dump Truck Craft--Guests can build and decorate their own dump trucks with this craft.
  • Crane Tag--Any players caught by the "crane" become part of the crane and must help catch other players.
  • Boulder Race-- Partygoers will be crawling all over the floor in this boulder-pushing race.
  • "I Built a House" Memory Game--Partygoers can really test their memory with this fun party game.
  • Steam Roller--Kids will get a kick out of this construction-themed version of the classic Red Rover game.
  • Brick Busters-- Give children a chance to "throw the wrecking ball" as part of a demolition crew.
  • LEGO Fun--Break out the building tools, and let your guests construct their own LEGO edifices.
  • Construction Coloring Page--Print out copies of our coloring page and let the children decorate them.
Where can you find these fun party games for a kids construction theme birthday party? Right here in the party guide, Construction Party Ideas.

Construction Party Cake Ideas

There are even decorations for a construction birthday cake. Pick from:

  • Construction cone birthday candles
  • Vehicle candles
  • Tool Set candles

Construction Vehicle Candle Set

Construction Equipment Stickers

Log Cabin Candy

Or you can use a toy dump truck as a serving dish and pile delicious cupcakes or brownies in the back. Find toy trucks and work vehicles to top the cupcakes with, or find some edible cupcake toppers with trucks on them.

More party favor or activities to go with your Construction party ideas.These kids party craft ideas are from The Oriental Trading Company. They specialize in fun and unique party favors and party craft ideas and kits.

There are lots more construction party ideas for you to think about. You can see them at Tonka Party Ideas. Tonka is a favorite construction party theme for kids!

Construction Party Supplies For Kids

You can find construction party supplies for kids online easily. Of course you are looking for some great prices and quality party supplies, games and favors and that is why you should check out these leaders in kids party supplies.

My favorite party supply web sites are:

If you visit these on line party supplies catalogs be sure to check and see if they are offering any discounts or free shipping. Online retailers offer specials all the time, make sure you get one if it's available.

Here's a free shipping offer right now.
Free Delivery on orders of $49 or more at the Oriental Trading Company. This offer is valid until March 31, 2010. Make sure to check out all the kids party ideas and kids craft ideas and kits you can find at Oriental Trading.

I hope you found these Construction party ideas helpful. Now you can "build" your kids party with confidence because now you have all the information you need to plan a childs birthday party. You know where to get the supplies, you found some fun construction theme party games, you can even decorate a construction birthday cake...and you can find a really fun kids pinata in the shape of a truck. Now add a few of your own interesting and unique party ideas and you will have a hit on your hands! Thanks for visiting kids construction party ideas, now go have some and your child!

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