Free Coloring Pages of Mickey Mouse

Coloring pages of Mickey Mouse are a wonderful party activity or party favor to use with your Mickey Mouse Party Ideas! Printable coloring pages are a good party activity. They keep the kids entertained and they are FREE! Now, that's a big help when trying to stick with your party planning budget!

11" x 14" Mickey Mouse Scroll

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Mickey Mouse Cake Toppers

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Mickey Mouse Tumbler (1)

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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Personalized Banner

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Mickey was first seen in the short animation "Plain Crazy" in May of 1928. But Disney will say the date of his birth coincides with his appearance in the movies in the November of 1928 in the animated "Steamboat Willie". His first comic strip was published in 1930. Since then Mickey Mouse has been one of the most beloved cartoon character, a favorite to millions of people all over the world, generation after generation.

We were also introduced to a whole cast of characters through the years...Mickey's Friends. Minnie Mouse who has been Mickey's girl from the very beginning, Morty and Fred...Mickey's nephews and Pluto.

Did you know the Mickey Mouse Club had 1,000,000 members in the year 1932?

Coloring Sheets of Mickey Mouse

Coloring Pages of Mickey and Minnie

Mickey Free Printable Coloring Pages

Coloring Pictures of Mickey Mouse

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