Color Your Own Snowman Snow Globes

by Jillian The Snowman Queen
(Edison, New Jersey, USA)

Snowman Snow Globe Color Your Own!

Snowman Snow Globe Color Your Own!

Have fun with these Color Your Own Snowman Snow Globes. Snow Globes are very cool and even more so when you get to decorate your own. Color the snowman coloring page you find in the kit and insert it into the slot you find on the snow globe.

This kit comes with enough supplies to make six snowglobes. All you do is have the kids color the pictures, add water and shake for some holiday fun. It's perfect for a kids birthday party or a class holiday party. You can also make them on family craft night. Each of these kits in individually packaged with the directions.

You can find them at the Oriental Trading Company...along with hundreds of other snowman ideas. Find just what you are looking for at the Oriental Trading Company whether its a fun kids craft kit, birthday party supplies, game prizes or holiday stuff. They even have candy!

If you like to scrapbook you can find the supplies you need at Oriental Trading. Papers, glues, brads...check it out.

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