College Theme Party Ideas

College theme party ideas are so easy to come up with. Just pick your favorite college or college team and plan everything around that.

You might choose your very own alma mater, or your favorite college basketball, football or hockey team. Whatever college theme you decide on, you're going to have a fun party.

College Theme Party Invitations

Find some clip art that has pictures of the college of your choice. Print it , cut it out and paste it onto your college party invitation paper. Add the important info like:

  • What the party is for
  • Where the party is being held
  • The date and time of the party
  • The RSVP
  • Requirements for the party...if there are any.
Requirements for a college theme party can include:
  • A Toga...if it's a toga party
  • A College Team Sports Shirt
  • A Fraternity or Sorority Pin

What to Drink?

When anyone says College party, drinking games come to mind. See our chapter on Beer Party Ideas for some of those. Keep in mind the safety of your party guests whenever you're planning to serve alcohol at a party.

College Theme Party Game Ideas

College Theme Party Game Ideas can include:

  • College Trivia
  • College Team Trivia
  • School Subject Questions...or are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader
  • Animal House Movie Trivia
  • Revenge of the Nerds Trivia
  • Name That Frat or Sorority
  • Best Dressed College Student
  • The Biggest Nerd
  • College Team Song Karaoke
  • College Theme Costume Party
  • College theme games can be very simple, or as complicated as you want to make them.

    Decorating Ideas

    Use College Logos on everything, including your party supplies. Print out some logos on your computer and hang them on the walls, on helium filled latex balloons (in appropriate colors) and even make name tags for your guests with prominent names of past deans or sports team members.

    Whatever theme you decide you're bound to have lots of fun when you "Go back to school!"

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