Co-ed Baby Shower Games ~ Play The Baby Changing Game

by Jenn
(West Lafayette, Indiana, USA)

Co-ed Baby Shower Games are just what you need if you are going to host a baby shower that couples are invited to. It used to be that showers were "for women only" but those days are gone. Of course, today most baby showers are still for the mom to be and her woman friends, but occasionally you will have a shower where you have couples.

So, what are some games that are fun for couples to play together? Well, one of my all time favorite shower game ideas from Jenn in Indiana, it's called the Baby Changing Game.

It's where the man competes with his partner to see who can change a diaper the fastest. Just get some simple plastic babydolls, diapers, baby powder, and wipes. Dip the babydolls bottom in something like melted chocolate and then put a diaper on it.

The man and woman compete to see who can, in the most gentle, but quick manner, get the diaper off, clean the baby up with wipes, powder the baby, and then put the diaper back on.

The crowd decides the winner based on speed and job well done. It's a lot of fun to watch and play.

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