Clothes Pin Drop Is A Fun Carnival Game

by Jillian
(Edison, NJ, USA)

Fun Carnival Games Start With Clothespin Drop

Fun Carnival Games Start With Clothespin Drop

Clothes Pin Drop is an easy to play game for any theme kids party, but it is ideal for a Carnival party!

You can find a already made Clothes Pin Drop game at our Carnival Party Ideas...or you can make this game yourself.

A carnival party is the perfect spring, summer and early fall party theme. Set up a midway in your backyard and fill it with carny booths and food stands that serve popcorn, cotton candy and hot dogs.

To make your own version of the Clothes Pin Drop Game all you need are clothes pins, an empty container like a large pretzel know those big plastic jar containers you can get pretzel sticks in...or sometimes candy comes in them too. If you can't find one of them, find a jar with a wide neck, but not too wide.

The idea of this game is to try and drop a clothes pin into the jar. But...each player must stand in front of the jar with their arm straight out in front of them and hold the clothes pin over the jar opening. They just drop the clothes pin and if it lands in the jar they get a prize.

This fun carnival game isn't as easy as it sounds! Some people use a chair and face it backwards. Each child gets to kneel on the chair and drop the clothes pin from that position. We used to play this with a was almost impossible to get that straw in the jar!

Well, there's another game for your carnival party ideas and as you can see, making carnival games can be very easy to do.

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