Circus Birthday Party Ideas

Using Circus Birthday Party Ideas for your little one will thrill kids just as much as a circus parade.

A very colorful and spellbinding circus birthday party will surely make the event extra special for both your little one and the guests. If prepared very well, your child will surely look back on that day for many, many years. Circus birthday party ideas should continue to be entertaining for kids from start to finish; Is there anything at a circus that doesn't keep your interest?

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Of course, a circus is not a circus without the good old "Big Top". Although you can afford to rent an inflatable circus tent, however, your backyard may simply not be big enough. If this is the case, you can set up your own version of a circus tent right inside your living room. You can purchase red and yellow helium-filled balloons, which you can arrange to fill your ceiling, until it resembles a real big top. You can also put something that looks like tent flaps at the entrance of your living room; this way your little one and the guests will feel like they are entering an actual circus tent. Temporarily place your furnishings in another room to have a huge space right in the middle of the living room. This is where all the action will take place.

Keeping kids entertained for a time can be a difficult job, but not with Circus birthday party ideas. You know how short the attention span of kids can be at times, so you might want to put a good show for them.

Bring in the Clowns

You can rent a clown to keep them laughing for hours, or you can hire a magician to astonish them with magic tricks. Parlor games are a great way to keep the little guests entertained both by cheering for their friends or being the participants themselves. They will surely love to compete against one another to win prizes. You can also set up a face painting booth in one corner of the living room. Or if you like you can pay someone who is good at making balloon animals, so everyone at the circus birthday party can have a balloon animal of his or her choice.

Jugglers are always found at a you know anyone who can juggle some bean bags for the kids? Maybe they can even teach the kids how to juggle!

Set up some Carnival Style games. Throw the Water a target and win a stuffed animal or prize...just like at the circus!

What is a children’s birthday party without the usual goodies that children themselves truly enjoy? It is okay for them to indulge in this kind of treats once in a while, especially during a festive moment when you're using circus birthday party ideas.

Now it's time to think about Circus Food! Food items that you will always find at the Circus include:

  • hotdogs
  • waffles
  • cotton candy
  • popcorn
  • candied apples
You can place them on a long table (or a picnic table outside) in one corner of the living room so that the kids will have easy access to them should they get hungry.

Take a look at the Circus Party Supplies you can get with the Three Ring Circus theme plates and accessories. There is even a Circus Pinata!

To complete the theme, hand them goody bags that contain candy bars, bubbles, glow sticks and bracelets, miniature circus animals, stick-on tattoos and other nifty little giveaways. You can find items like these at party supplies stores or even at toy shops. You might also want to take pictures of each of the guests with a camera that instantly prints photos out on your computer, put them on sticker paper and include them inside the goody bags too right before they leave.

A big top is never complete without a huge banner that flaunts the name of the circus, or the star of the show. You can find a printable birthday banner online. You can also scatter colorful confetti on the floor and place a table full of circus hats near the entrance to the living room, so that each of the guests can pick up and wear one as they enter. Even the littlest details can spell a huge difference to a circus birthday party.

As with any party, you should have a plan B. What if the weather turns out rainy on your little one’s big day and you have planned to hold it outside? Or what if one of your hired performers wouldn’t be able to show up? You should always anticipate things like that just in case, so your little one and the guests will have the best circus birthday party ever.

Circus Birthday Party Ideas Need A Special Party Invitation!

When you decide to use Circus Birthday Party Ideas you're going to want a special party invitation to convey your theme to your guests. You can use a circus entry ticket, or a circus poster announcing the time, place and theme of your party. Start off your Circus party invitations with "Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth!"...Let them know the extravaganza they are in for right away! Make sure to put your address and an RSVP phone number for your guests. You can make these party invites yourself by designing them and then printing them off your computer.

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