Cinderella Dreamland Party Supplies

Cinderella Dreamland Party Supplies are perfect if your little princess is a big Cinderella fan. Any of the Disney Princesses makes a wonderful girls birthday party theme. Dreamland party supplies have all the party ware and theme decorations you need to set up a Royal Ball for your Little Cinder girl. Get out the glass slippers your Highness, it's time to go to the ball.

Cinderella Party Invitations

To announce this regal event you are going to need Cinderella Dreamland party invitations...or make your own. Make your own Cinderella pumpkin carriage template and instructions are right here for you crafty ladies out there. If you are out of time and not so can buy a set of invitations with Cinderella already on them.

And Cinderella Party Supplies

Next comes the partyware supplies you will need. Plates, cups, napkins, a personalized birthday banner with your favorite Disney Princess, Cinderella, on it and some balloons will be a nice start to your party supply shopping. Keep your party supply checklist handy so you can mark off the supplies as you buy them.

Of course, these party supplies do come in pre-packaged packs. There is a basic and a deluxe size, and a deluxe size with the party favor boxes. The deluxe comes with a little more than the basic so check what each party pack has to make sure you buy the right one. Why bother with a party pack? It can save you some money! I love to save money, how about you?

Party Favors For A Cinderella Dreamland Party

Cinderella Dreamland party favors are easy to find...but not so easy to choose from...I want to get them all! Sometimes it is easier just to buy the party favor boxes shaped like a purse and filled with fun Cinderella stuff like:

  • Faux Pearl Necklace
  • Soft Plastic Ring
  • High-heel Lip Gloss Keychain
  • A Cinderella bracelet
  • A Cinderella Sticker Sheet

You can also find the party favors sold in individually if you like to pick and choose your own. You can find everything that's in the Cinderella favor boxes, plus other fun ideas like:

  • Disney Princess Watch
  • Princess Cinderella Tiara
  • Cinderella Wand

Party Activity ideas are fun when your party theme is Cinderella Dreamland. How about a wonderful Cinderella coloring standup activity. It's a Stand Up of Cinderella, but it is not colored in. You can let your party guests color in this 4 foot Cinderella Stand Up with the crayons that come with it. You also get 3 giant gem stickers to help decorate Cinderella's gown. This item is on Clearance, so check it out as soon as you can. When they are out of stock, you won't have a chance to get one.

Party Stand Ups are a popular party supply item. You can find one for almost every party theme there is and that includes a Cinderella party. There is a cardboard cut out Stand Up of Cinderella dressed for the ball. It is colored in for you and stands 5'1". This Stand Up makes a wonderful addition to any party pictures. Take a picture of each of your guests with this popular Disney Princess Stand Up. They will be perfect to put in your Thank You Notes!

Cinderella Pull String Pinata

A Cinderella Dreamland pull string pinata makes a fun party game at a girl's birthday party. Fill the pinata with goodies and treats and let your guests take turns pulling the strings. A pull string pinata is fun and most important, it is very safe for kids.

Another fun birthday party item is a Keepsake Scroll. This Cinderella Scroll is personalized with your daughter's name and personalized information about the year she was born. Your scroll will include info about the top events, trends, movies, music and more that occurred on the day your child was born. Give yourself a couple of weeks to get this fun birthday item. It takes a little longer than most party supplies because of the personalization.

Princess Cake Ideas

There is a princess cake topper so you can save more money by making your own cake. Bake and frost your own birthday cake and add this Tiara cake topper to it. Your daughter and her guests will be amazed by this princess birthday cake...and you will look like the best cake decorater in the land to them! This is a really cute tiara and wand cake topper set. You can also find these cute princess supplies to use as a party favor too.

Cinderella Costume Fun

A Cinderella Costume is always in style and this birthday ball is the perfect place to wear one. Perhaps you can invite all the girls to wear their princess outfits for the party. I am sure they would all love to play dress up. After all, what fun is going to a Royal Ball with out the Lovely gowns?

If the girls don't have gowns of their own to wear, get one ready and use it in a relay game. Make a start line and a mid-point. The finish line is right back at the start. Let the girls form two lines...each line is a team. The first girl must put on a princess skirt and crown and skip over to the mid-point. Then she has to skip back to the finish line and remove the princess skirt and crown. Now the next girl in line has to put the princess outfit on and skip...and so on, until each girl has had a turn. The first team done is the winner...but so what, it's all in fun. Give everyone a little prize for playing!

With these Cinderella Dreamland party supplies and decorations hosting a Cinderella birthday party is easy and fun for everyone. It's a very popular girls birthday theme, after all, what little girl isn't crazy about Cinderella?

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