Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas for May 5th

Why do you need Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas?

Cinco de Mayo means May 5th. In Mexico it is a celebration of a historic battle, the Battle of Puebla in 1862, between the Mexican and the French troops, but here in the States we celebrate it like we celebrate like we do St. Patrick's Day. It is more of a celebration of the Mexican people than any specific date or event in Mexican history.

First you are going to need some "Authentic Mexican Recipes" for your Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas and then you will need some Mexican party games.

You can find some quick recipes that are perfect for Cinco de Mayo by going to Quick Mexican Recipes

You will find some tasty and easy to make recipes of your favorite Mexican dishes, and perhaps some new ones. Some of our visitors have given us some delicious and easy to make recipes for all of us to try. These colorful and tasty party recipes are perfect for your Cinco de Mayo party ideas.

If you have a great Mexican recipe and want to share it with the rest of us, please do. I love Mexican dishes and can't get enough recipes! The other people who get to make your recipe will Thank You as much as I will!

Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas need a fun Mexican party game...well that's a Pinata, of course! There are two kinds of pinatas you can buy. One is the more traditional version, the one you hit with a stick. A newer style is the pull string pinata. Each pinata has lots of ribbons hanging from it. Each party guest picks a string and pulls it. You can have each guest pull their string one at a time or you can have everyone take their string and pull all at once. Someone will have the "special" string that breaks open the pinata...and no one has to swing a stick to do it. This is great for younger kids! Wait until you see all the pinatas we have for you to choose from!

Play The Pinata Game on Cinco de Mayo!

Cinco de Mayo Party Game Ideas

In addition to the pinata game, there are other games you can play at a Cinco de Mayo party. I am sure you have heard of the Mexican Hat Dance. It is easy game to play, the only prop you will need is a Sombrero and you need some Mexican Music to dance to.

Arrange your guests in a circle and place the sombrero in the center of the circle. Ask everyone to hold hands. Explain the game to them. When the music starts they should all begin walking sidesways to the right. As you call out a child's name they go into the center and dance around the sombrero. When the next child's name is called the first guest leaves the circle and the next child has their turn. Keep going until everyone has had a turn in the middle.

How about Cinco de Mayo Bingo? You can make your own bingo cards by drawing lines on a plain or colored piece of construction paper. Make a grid with 5 columns across and 5 down. Give each column on the top a letter...instead of BINGO for Cinco de Mayo bingo we will use C-I-N-C-O. Use pennies or beans or macaroni as bingo markers. If you have a mexican container put the cards you will call in there, if not use the sombrero you used for the Mexican Hat Dance.

You must fill in each square with a "Bingo" symbol, picture or color. Every square in the middle of the board is marked FREE. You can use anything Mexican to fill in the squares. The names of Mexican foods or vegetables...taco, peppers, tortilla, Mexican names...Jose, Pepe, Juanita, etc. or places of interest in Mexico...Mexico City, Cozumel, etc. As you mark the columns write each item on a call card so you can pull it out of your Mexican container or hat later.

Give each child a board and some markers. The caller begins to pull call cards out of the container they are in. When they pull out the card, read what is on that card...for example...Tacos. Then each child will place a marker on the board if they have a square with Taco in it. You can also use stickers to mark your Cinco de Mayo bingo cards. Have some prizes for the winners.

How do you win playing Cinco de Mayo Bingo? The first player to get 5 across or down wins.

Cinco de Mayo Video Games

You can play some video games on Cinco de Mayo! Try "Samba de Amigo" (Dreamcast, Wii)or Viva Piñata (DS, Windows, Xbox 360). The video players in your house will like these ideas. The kids might just have to share the controllers this year and let the parents play too.

Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas Need Some Party Supplies!

On this party page you will find Fiesta/Cinco de Mayo supplies, and lots of free printable party games and activities for your kids and your guests. Look for those links at the bottom of the page.

This festive and commemorative day gives you the perfect chance to show your pride and get in the full fiesta spirit! While many people will go mild and just have a traditional Mexican dinner in their homes, we recommend taking your Mexican Fiesta spirit to a whole new level.

Whether you are of Mexican heritage yourself or just want to celebrate the amazing culture and heritage of your friends that are, there is no holiday that gives you a better opportunity than Cinco de Mayo.

Here are some Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas You might want to try:

1. Fiesta at the Park
2. Fiesta at Your Community Center
3. May Fifth Party on the Move
4. A Cinco de Mayo Block Fiesta

This Mexican-American holiday is all about raising awareness for the amazing Mexican-American heritage, so why not make your party and your pride public? Look at the other fun Fiesta designs on these party supplies, they are perfect for your Cinco de Mayo party ideas!

You will want to look at these affordable Cinco de Mayo Party supplies.

Here are some ways to spread excitement for each of the Cinco de Mayo party ideas:

1. Post open Cinco de Mayo invitations at local stores or even in the paper asking anyone that comes to bring a traditional dish. Make sure there’s a piñata for the kids!
2. Have every member of your community center bring a guest that hasn’t been there before and give each new face a sombrero to help them celebrate.
3. Get a group of friends together and move from home to home every couple hours, having a makeshift parade between locations.
4. Light up the entire neighborhood! A Block Party Fiesta! Assign jobs (music, decorations, food) for each home celebrating on your block.

As a special treat a wonderful Mexican dessert you can make is Flan. It's a caramel custard that's not difficult to make and tastes delicious. Of course you will need a Mexican party game and that means a Pinata for the kids!

Cinco de Mayo is about appreciating our neighbors to the south, their ancestors, their history and your Mexican friends, so what better way to do that than with a Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Celebration?

Need Recipes to help pull together your Mexican Fiesta? Just go to

Party Recipe Ideas

Free Cinco de Mayo Coloring Pages and Party Activities

Free Party activities for your Cinco de Mayo party ideas are always a big help keeping you within your party budget. Kids love to color and play word games. You can find them both here, along with a few other games, like a Mexican Culture Word Search and a Mexican Food Word Search. Just hit the printer icon and the pages will print out. Not only are these printable party games free, they are educational. No one has to let the kids know that they are learning while they are playing!

Free Coloring Pages

Free Printable Mexican Food Word Search Game

Free Printable Mexican Culture Word Search Game

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We hope you enjoy our Cinco de Mayo party ideas. The recipes, games and fun party ideas you find here can be lots of fun for everyone. Remember you should enjoy your party too, sometimes the host forgets that.

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