Cinco de Mayo Crafts - Cinco de Mayo Supplies

Find Cinco de Mayo Crafts And Party Supplies For That Special Celebration on May 5th!

I found some fun and easy craft ideas that are perfect for a Cinco de Mayo party. These crafts are inexpensive and kids will enjoy making them. Here are the craft kits:
  • Design Your Own Wood Maracas
  • Design Your Own Sombreros
  • Funfiesta Mexican Textile Rubbing Plates
  • Fiesta Lampwork Glass Beads
Along with the crafts I also found lots of fun party supplies and decorations. How about some of these fun ideas:
  • Sombreros
  • Chili Pepper Beaded Necklaces
  • Fiesta Tablecloth
  • Design Your Own Wood Maracas
  • Flexible Sombrero Straws
  • Mariachi Rubber Duckies
  • Fiesta Donkeys
  • Fiesta Couple Photo Door Banner
And you can find these all at the Oriental Trading Company!

Here are the Caliente Cinco de Mayo's a fun pattern and you can find plates, cups, napkins, tablecloths and plenty of matching party decorations...this makes it sooo easy to plan a party!

Caliente Cinco De Mayo Party Pack for 16

Caliente Cinco De Mayo Party Pack for 16

Don't stop looking for Cinco de Mayo supplies unless you really love this Caliente pattern. There are plenty more party plates and supply can find them by clicking on the party supplies picture or link. Go to Celebrate Express where you can find more Cinco de Mayo styles. Click the banner below to find out about free shipping for your party supplies.

Free Shipping on orders $75+

Cinco de Mayo Photo Prop

Ah...the photo prop...I just happen to be crazy about funny photo props and this Cinco de Mayo prop is ideal to take a fun party picture of all your guests! Isn't it great?

Fiesta Photo Prop

Fiesta Photo Prop

Fun Cinco de Mayo Crafts and Party Supplies

These are just a few fun ideas for crafts and supplies that match your Cinco de Mayo party ideas. It's fun to find out about different holidays that people celebrate in far away places. Learn more about Cinco de Mayo at Wikipedia's Cinco de Mayo page.

And you can also find some fun, free and printable Cinco de Mayo coloring pages. Print out as many as you like for your kids and your party guests to color! Cinco de Mayo Coloring Pages

You can find just about anything you want for a Cinco de Mayo've already seen the Cinco de Mayo crafts and some of the decorations and party supplies...but now you can take a look at the Cinco de Mayo costume ideas too!

The Sombrero picture is a link that will take you into one of the online costume supplies catalogs where you can find lots of fun costume ideas for every holiday!

Mexican Poncho Adult Costume

Mexican Poncho Adult Costume

Have your husband or a friend dress up in this outfit to be DJ to your young party guests while they play some Mexican Musical Games or sing some traditional Cinco de Mayo songs!

Cinco de Mayo Tissue Flower Craft Kit

Here is the last of the Cinco de Mayo crafts I found today. It's a Tissue Paper Flowers Kit and it is just perfect for a kids Cinco de Mayo craft project. It's easy, it's fun and these tissue flowers look great when they are completed! Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in style with fun kids crafts, festive musical games, a party pinata and bright party supplies! This fun kids pull string Ladybug pinata will thrill your party guests. Teach them how to say Ladybug in Spanish! It's "catarina". It's easy to teach a few new words and a little bit of Cinco de Mayo history!

Ladybug Pinata

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