Christmas Work Party Ideas

Use these Christmas work party ideas when you're planning your office Christmas party this year. Get some printable, fun office party games!

Are you in charge of Christmas work party ideas at your office?

If you consider that you spend as much (or perhaps even more) time with the people you work with as your own family, it makes sense to celebrate that special occasion of Christmas with them also. Sharing the holidays with your work-mates creates a bonding experience that can help you get along better at work. This is where Christmas work party ideas come in. And the planning of the party can be as much fun as going to it.

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Who Needs Christmas Work Party Ideas?

It is often the responsibility of one individual to do all the planning involved with the Christmas work party ideas when they are in charge of the event, but if everyone in the office gets involved in the holiday party planning (at least to some small extent) it can be a more rewarding and enjoyable experience for all. Many decisions can be shared with all the office staff while still staying within the budget of the Christmas party proposed-decisions such as the theme of the party, whether or not gifts are exchanged, holiday decorations, the location of the party and so forth.

Sharing the decision-making within the office ensures that every person becomes involved and has a say, so that everyone feels included for that true bonding experience. With all of that said, it is still important to designate one person (or group) to be responsible for arranging the details of the party to ensure things get done.

Christmas Work Party Ideas Need a Budget

Of course, the first thing to be considered in planning the office Christmas party is the budget. The basic budget amount is usually officially set by management, but there are other considerations that office staff can share to increase or offset the budget. For example, if liquor is allowed at the party but the cost of liquor is not supplied by the company, the office staff could each contribute a set amount to purchase wine or drinks for all party-goers. Or, if there are no decorations provided, each office member could contribute a decoration, or possibly even party hats, from a dollar store to help make the occasion more festive.

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Deluxe Plush Santa Hat

Where Are You Going to Hold Your Christmas Work Party?

The next thing to consider in planning a holiday party using Christmas work party ideass is where the party is to be held. First tally up all the people interested in attending the party, and consider if spouses or companions are invited. The amount of people attending can greatly influence where and how the party is held, especially with a budget involved.

A restaurant is typical for a smaller office group of 15-20 people at the most. For more people attending the party, a banquet hall, convention centre room or even a gathering at the home office may be more realistic. With the budget in mind, the office staff may be able to agree whether it is more feasible to have the party at a restaurant chosen collectively, have the party catered, or perhaps even have staff bring in a pot-luck style dinner. Alternately, sometimes the office manager will opt to give the party at his own home for smaller gatherings.

If a restaurant is chosen to hold the Christmas work party it is a good idea to get hold of the restaurant menu in advance. Often these menus can be obtained from the restaurant's website, or you can call and ask them to fax you one. Office members can then decide beforehand what they would like to eat, cutting down on the ordering time in the restaurant. This can also help everyone to stick to the planned budget as well. Also, any diet restrictions can be addressed by pre-planning with a menu.

The party planners should also consider providing directions and a map to the location of the event. Not every office member is familiar with all the areas within the city, especially if they commute from out of town. Directions and a map should be e-mailed to office members. This could also help those who may need a ride to pre-arrange transportation to the event. A seating plan for the event may also be pre-arranged.

Christmas Party Food Ideas

If the party plan involves a pot-luck event where everyone brings a particular dish, the party planners need to organize who will bring what. You won't want to have ten potato salads and no meat dishes. Making a simple spreadsheet outlining what each person wishes to bring will help with planning the variety of dishes. Also, arrangements as to who will bring napkins, plastic cutlery, paper plates, serving utensils, drinking cups and more could be added to the spreadsheet so that those office members who do not wish to cook can also be invited to bring something to the event.

Christmas Work Party Decoration Ideas

Party decorations and favors can add a lot of fun and excitement to any party. With an office Christmas party, party planners need to delegate who will be in charge of these, in the line of purchasing and doing the physical decorating. Considering the budget, decorations and party favors do not need to be elaborate or expensive, especially with all the fun stuff the dollar stores today offer. Having each office member receive a token party favor can add a fair bit of sizzle to the event. Of course, festive balloons and streamers are party standards and puts everyone in the party mood. Even setting out simple favors at each person's plate at the restaurant will be appreciated.

Fun Office Party Games!

Fun Office Party Games, printable Christmas games are the ideal game to play at a work holiday party. There are lots of games to choose that include Right-Left games, Trivia games, Gift Exchange games...all with a theme that will fit right in with the work crowd. Christmas office party games are the BEST gift you can give to your workforce this holiday season. Download, print and let the laughter begin!

Christmas Work Party Gifts?

Another thing to be considered at an office party is the exchange of Christmas gifts. Everyone involved in the party needs to be consulted in this area. No one should be left out due to lack of funds. The traditional method for office parties is to draw names and set a spending limit on each gift given. Another way is for everyone to give a set amount (say $5-$10), have the money pooled and a committee would then purchase gifts. It could also be arranged by the party planners that everyone receive the same gift, say a letter-opener or date book that would be appropriate for either gender. The giving of gifts, though, is not for everyone.

Some members of your office may not have the same religious beliefs, and although they may want to share in the fun of the party, they may not wish to celebrate in the other Christmas traditions. Keep this in mind when doing the party planning.

Have Fun!

In the end, having an Office Christmas Party can be a great time for all and half the fun can be had with everyone working together to plan the event. Proper planning, lots of Christmas work party ideas and attention to the details will make the event a success and have each person looking forward to next year's party occasion.

If you think you have come up with some great ideas for the Christmas work party be sure to mention them to the office party planner. I'm sure they will be looking for unique party ideas and will appreciate all the help they can get.

Enjoy your Christmas work party ideas. For more fun office party games.

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