Christmas Tree Coloring Pages

What's more fun than Christmas Tree coloring pages in the month of December? Kids are all excited thinking about Santa Claus and the gifts they hope to get. These Christmas tree pages will keep them in the mood as your family prepares to light up and decorate your own tree.

There's a great link that will take you to a tree farm website. It tells the story of how the trees are grown. It's very interesting and your kids will love the story!

Now, let's get to those coloring pages!

Here's some Christmas Tree Coloring Pages

If you are a class Mom at school you can bring in some tree coloring sheets for the class to decorate. It's a fun activity for a school holiday party. The teacher can hang the pictures around the room for the entire class to see.

Read the stories from the farm where they grow trees. Let your kids, and others, understand all that goes into growing these holiday trees.

Christmas Tree Farm

While you are wrapping your presents you can let your kids have fun with these free printable pages. It will keep them occupied and let you finish your work around the house.

You can even bake some cookies and sit down to color in the pages with them, sharing this fun holiday activity. You're never to old to have fun with crayons!

Are you having a holiday gathering in your home? Why not print out some sheets for all the children who are coming over? Let everyone have some free holiday fun. Have a contest and make sure you have enough prizes for each child.

Here are lots of other holiday pictures you can print out and share with your children. Half the fun of the holidays is the preparation! Here you will find

  • Santa
  • Angels
  • Reindeer
  • Rudolph
  • The North Pole
  • Candy Cane
  • Snowman
  • Puppy
  • Many Presents
  • Lots More

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