Christmas Party Supplies

Looking for Christmas Party Supplies? I found some great ideas for kids party and for your holiday entertaining. Christmas partyware, decorations, lights, printable Christmas games, gift exchange games, seasonal music and carols, stocking stuffers, holiday crafts ideas...angels, snowmen and holiday drinks, holiday food ideas and tasty but simple Christmas cookie recipes. In otherwords, everything you need to plan and host a holiday party. Come on in, sit back in your chair and take alook at our fun Christmas ideas. Tis the Season to be Jolly!

The hottest party supply patterns for this Christmas and Winter Season are:

  • Poinsettia Breeze Deluxe Party Kit
  • Merry Cocktails Deluxe Party Kit
  • Peanuts Christmas Deluxe Party Kit
  • Snow Flurry Deluxe Party Kit
  • Candy Cane Snowman Deluxe Party Kit
  • Winter Friends Deluxe Party Kit

Those are some very cute Christmas partyware supply patterns. I can tell you right now these are the most popular of the 2010 season. Where can you get them? Take a look to your left!

Those holiday party patterns sure are pretty. Which one did you choose? I am having a difficult time choosing between the Peanuts and the Snowmen...Snowmen are my favorite...but the Peanut's Christmas plates are really cute and I can coordinate Peanut's Christmas special movie into that party theme. It's perfect if kids are going to be there.

Peanuts Holiday Collection [Deluxe Edition] [Bonus CD]

Peanuts Holiday Collection [Deluxe Edition] [Bonus CD]

Find other holiday DVDs at DVD Planet...Free shipping on all DVD and Blu-ray orders over $35.

Mega Hit Movies for $5.99 Only at DVDPlanet!

Christmas Arts and Crafts Kits

Angels, Reindeer and Snowman Craft Kits For Kids

Kids need party activities so here are some fun craft kits you can get for some fun angel, reindeer or snowman Christmas and holiday craft making fun. It's always fun to pick out your favorite kit and start crafting.

Christmas Printable Games The Perfect Christmas Party Supplies

Over 70 Printable Christmas Games in this giant pack and that makes it perfect as one of your Christmas party supplies! It's fun for kids, teens and adults. Everyone will enjoy this huge package of fun, printable games...all with a Christmas theme. Perfect for your holiday celebration!

Styles of game you get: Mad Libs, Gift Exchange, Trivia, Ice-breakers, Christian games, Coloring, Scavenger hunts, Office Party, Spot the Difference, Left-Right, Paper dolls, Crosswords, Synonyms, Word searches, Mazes, Newlywed, Letter from Santa, Printable thank-you notes

Topics the trivia games cover: TV and movies, music, Bible, literature, snow, Christmas Day, James Bond, New Year's Day, 2010 news, Christmas food, champagne, phobias, reindeer, true or false, world timezones

Suitable for: Kids, teens, adults, family gatherings, church groups, co-workers

Printable Christmas Games MEGA-Pack

Get Your Printable Christmas Games!

Party Food and Drink Ideas For Your Holiday Party

Get those party food and drink recipes for your Christmas party. It's fun to cook up a storm when you are hosting a party. The decorations are set, the party supplies are on the table and you've got your Christmas printable games ready to it's time to get cooking. We also have some simple cookie recipes so you can make some Christmas cookies...our recipes are easy to make and these cookies are delicious. Perfect for a holiday party!

Christmas Party Food Recipes

Christmas Party Drink Ideas

Simple Cookie Recipes for Christmas

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Free Printable Christmas Coloring Pages

Christmas coloring pages for kids with Charlie Brown and over 200 assorted other holiday pictures. Coloring pages are fun for kids and that makes them one of the most important Christmas party supplies of all...if it makes the kids happy...get it!

Charlie Brown Christmas Coloring Pages

Over 200 Christmas Coloring Pages to print out

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