Free, Fun Christmas Party Games

Are you excited? It's almost time for Christmas Party Games! You need a few things for a holiday party. You're going to need some:

  • Christmas party recipes
  • Christmas party decorations
  • Christmas music
  • Christmas Party Games

You can find some fun party supplies for a Christmas party. The usual colors are red and green but you can find all sorts of color combinations if you want something a little different.

The colors for a holiday party are usually red and green or white and blue, but you can use any colors you like! Holly or snowmen or penguins can be your decorating theme...or do you like Santa Claus? You can find lots of holiday party supplies online. And for fun, you can find some Free Printable Christmas Coloring Pages

Here are the first two Christmas party game ideas.

1. Christmas Charades

Christmas charades is a fun Christmas game for both the young and old. With this game, you can make two or more teams depending on how many people are playing. Have each team take turns in an attempt to get the highest points by figuring out what the Christmas song, quote, Christmas character or just about anything related to Christmas that their teammate is trying to portray. There are no words in Christmas Charades. That's the hard part of this fun game idea. Each correct answer gets a point and at the end of the game, the team that gets the most points wins the game!

Christmas charades will definitely liven up your Christmas party and you could play the game with kids as well. You might just be amazed, kids know more about Christmas than we do.

2. Draw a Carol

With Draw a Carol, what you need to do is make two teams. Write down the names of Christmas Carols, fold them and put them into a basket. One by one, a member of each team will go in front of their team and pick a piece of paper. Then they must try to draw it while their teammates start guessing what the Carol is. It may seem simple, but trying to draw a Christmas carol is difficult! It's a difficult game but that makes it challenging and a lot of fun.

To make the game even more challenging, you could revise the game by making one teammate of the other team draw a carol and the opposing team will start guessing. This way, there will be no cheating and it’s more challenging and a lot more fun!

For more fun ideas visit our Fun Party Games List. Or you can get find some professional trivia and paper games at Christmas printable games.

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