Christmas Party Games and Fun Ideas

Here are Christmas Party games # 8-19 for you to look over. Choose the best game for your Christmas party guests. You will find one that fits with the ages of your guests. Have a Merry Christmas!

Christmas Gift List

With the Christmas Gift List game, what you need is paper and pens. You distribute a paper and a pen for each of the game participants and they would then write their names vertically onto the paper. Then, they would then be given some time to jot down as many Christmas gifts that start with the letter for each of their names. For example, if your name is Eric, you could write down as many Christmas gifts that start with E then with R, I and C. The person that listed the most Christmas gifts wins the game!

You may also add more lift into the game by adding extra rules or giving away points for those who writes down Christmas gifts with letters such as Q and Z.

Christmas Stockings Hunt

Christmas Stockings Hunt is a Christmas version of a treasure hunt. Instead of hunting for treasures, the kids will hunt for Christmas stockings. The objective of the game is to get the most Christmas stockings.

What you need is to have some Christmas stockings with toys and candies inside. Then some hint flags and prizes for the winners and consolation prizes for the not so lucky. Make at least two teams of kids and each team will be asked questions related to Christmas and for every right answer they will get one hint flag. The hint flags will give clues to the team as to where the Christmas stockings are located. The more hint flags won then the most chance of more Christmas stockings found. The team that gets the most Christmas stockings wins the prize while the losers will also get some consolation prizes.

Christmas Card Toss

If you have some old Christmas cards around, this game would be a great way to bid those cards goodbye. It’s great for kids and adults to play and either you let the kids play together with the adults or you separate them is totally up to you. The younger the person the closer they should be to the bin or a basket.

The objective of the game is really simple. At the end, the player that gets the most cards inside the bin or a basket wins the game! So it would be a lot of fun especially if you have lots of Christmas cards around. The more the participants the better. It’s fun and definitely entertaining. It looks very simple to play but it’s actually quite a challenge.

Milk Carton Gingerbread House

This is a fun activity for kids and the adults could supervise and admire their children’s creations. For this activity, the host needs to collect some old milk cartons and have graham crackers and frostings or whipped cream to be used to paste the graham crackers onto the milk cartons. The kids will then decorate their milk carton gingerbread house with the way they envision it to promote creativity onto the kids. It’s a great idea to make this into a contest and the kid who made the best looking milk carton gingerbread house will win and get a nice prize.

You’d be amazed but some kids are very creative!

Gift Wrap Relay

This game is intended for older kids around the age of 8 to 10 years old who already knows how to wrap a gift on their own. For this game, you’d need some gift wrappers and you’d need to find an item that you want the kids to wrap, you can choose a box-shaped item or something a little harder to wrap such as a pack of candy or a plastic figurine.

Divide the kids into two groups or more depending on the number of kids present. You must gift wrap the gifts first and place them at a distance and ask the kids to go to the gift, unwrap it and then wrap it again one by one. The first kid will unwrap the gift then wrap it again then run back and tag the next kid and the next kid will unwrap the gift again then wrap it and run back and tag the 3rd kid and so on. The team that finishes first wins the game!

Snowball Race

With snowball race, you’d need to have some snowballs made out of Styrofoam or some white yarn. You’d also need a spoon and some mittens for each team.

The objective of the game is to successfully drop as much snowballs onto a bucket at the shortest possible time. This is a team game and you need to make at least 2 teams for this game. Each player will wear their mittens and carry a snowball on a spoon and carefully yet quickly run to the other side of the room and drop the snowballs onto the bucket and run back to their team again and tag the next person.

Snowball race is a fun game for the kids and adults alike.

Christmas Left Right Game

The Christmas Left Right Game is a fun game to play if you want to exchange gifts with your officemates or with your friends. Kids and adults can play this game and it’s so much fun compared to just calling out the number for the gift that you’ll be receiving.

With this game, all participants will hold the gift that they brought for the exchange gifts activity. Everyone would form a circle and the host or a volunteer will read a story and every time the person says “left” everybody should pass the gift to the left and when the person says “right” everybody should pass to their left. At the end of the story, the gift you are still holding in your hands would be the gift you keep.

It’s best to search for a great story with lots of “lefts” and “rights” so the game won’t be boring.

Christmas Stocking Guess Game

With Christmas stocking guessing game, you’d need to have a large Christmas stocking and some holiday items such as Christmas candies, toys and Christmas tree ornaments. Make sure you list down the holiday items you placed inside the large stocking and take note of how many items are in there. Then, you tie the Christmas stocking so that your visitors will not see what’s inside. For this game, you just need to pass around the Christmas stocking and let your visitors feel what is inside and ask them to jot down as many of the items that they think is in there. The person who got the most answers correctly will win a prize!

Some people will list down as many items that they can think of in the hopes that some of those items are in the stockings, for this case it’s better to have a right minus wrong point system to avoid any cheating.

Christmas Tree Wrap

The Christmas tree wrap game is a fun group activity that will definitely keep everyone laughing. With this game, you need to have some materials to use as decoration for their Christmas tree. The Christmas tree would be a member of the team while the other members work on his or her decorations. Have at least 2 groups and have someone to act as a judge. The judge would have to leave the area where the groups are decorating and come back to check on the result right after. The judge would then decide whose team made the most creative and beautiful human Christmas tree!

This game is perfect as a family activity as kids and adults can work together and have fun!

Siamese Gift Wrap

The Siamese gift wrap game is a fun game for couples, mother/daughter or best friends because it has a little cuddling involved. For this game, there must be only two persons per team and you can have as many teams as you want. They should then stand beside each other with one of their hands around their partner’s waist so they each only have one free hand.

The teams must then wrap a Christmas gift with the help of one another so a good communication skill is a plus. There will be an allotted time period for the gift wrapping so each teams would have equal time to wrap their gifts. After the time period, everybody else would then decide whose gift has been wrapped the best.

Santa Dress Up

With the Santa dress up game, you would need to have the materials for dressing up a Santa. You’d need red paper of any material of your choice, something white and perhaps some shoes and belt. If you have some kids involved in this game, make sure not to use any scissors so they just have to use their hands. This makes it even more challenging and a lot more fun. Give them some paste or glue to use as well.

There must be at least 2 teams for this game. Each team must have at least 3 members each, 1 will be the Santa while the rest would dress up their Santa. Give them a time limit to decorate their Santa and when the time is up, everybody else would judge whose team has the best looking Santa Claus!

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