More Christmas Party Games

Here are some fun Christmas Party Games for your holiday parties!

Get out some striped candy canes, tie a ribbon around a few of them and put them into a holiday stocking for a party prize! You can also find some free, printable Christmas Coloring Pages on this page to use as a party activity! There are Bible Coloring pages too. After all, what fun is a party without some fun game ideas!

Here are 5 Christmas Party Games for you!

The Holiday games are:
  • HoHoHo Game
  • Santa’s Helpers
  • Blindfold Gift Wrapping
  • Christmas Idol
  • Christmas Gift Box Game

Christmas Party Games 1 and 2

Ho Ho Ho Game

The Ho Ho Ho Game is a fun game for young kids especially if you have more than 10 kids at your party. With this game, you’ll need to have two colored posterboards that you can cut into 16 equal squares. For each colored posterboard, you make 3 H’s and 3 O’s while for the 10 remaining squares, you can either paste a Christmas sticker or write Christmas songs or names. Do this for the two colored poster boards and let the games begin.

Place the set of 16 cards in a basket and the other set in another basket. Make two teams and one teammate from each team will draw a card from the basket and shouts out what is written on it. If a child finds an H or an O, they would then have to put that letter on the floor and the team that spells out Ho Ho Ho the fastest wins the game!

Santa’s Helpers

Santa’s Helpers is a game that teaches kids to communicate with one another because in order to win this game, there must be a good communication between partners.

With Santa’s Helpers, you need to have boxes, wrapping papers, tape, yarn and a gift item. To start with the game, you must put one gift item, 1 box, a wrapping paper, some tape and yarn for each position. Two kids will get one position and the objective of the game is to be the first to finish wrapping the gift item properly. The kids will have one hand behind their backs and so they must act as one with each other in order to wrap the gift properly. The partners who get the fastest time gets to keep the gift they just wrapped.

Christmas Party Games 3 and 4

Blindfold Gift Wrapping

Blindfold gift wrapping game is a fun game for kids and adults to play. It’s very simple but it can be really fun especially with a crowd of participants. With this game, the host must prepare the right sized gift wrapper for each present and a use of a scissor is not allowed to prevent any injuries. The host must prepare a gift item, wrapping paper and some tape for each of the participants.

To start the game, each player must be blindfolded and they will then start wrapping the gifts and the players who wrapped their gifts faster will win a prize. Of course a criterion is also necessary. The gift wrapping must look good for it to qualify. The best looking gift may also win another prize. Both kids and adults can play this game together.

Christmas Idol

If you want a game that is really fun and entertaining both for the participants and spectators then the Christmas Idol is the right game for you. It’s a Christmas version of the American Idol and with this game, what you need is just a music machine that plays Christmas songs. You must then pick 3 persons to be the judge. These three judges will, of course, replace Paula Abdul, Randy and Simon since they couldn't make it to your party tonight!

You can have an elimination round and a final round for the players. The judges will then deliberate and choose who amongst the finalists will be the Christmas Idol. The winner will then get a prize.

Christmas Party Games 5

Christmas Gift Box Game

If you are giving away presents for your guests, it would be much fun if you’d give out those gifts with the Christmas Gift Box Game. For this game, you would really need lots of wrapped gifts for your guests. You would then ask the guests to guess what is inside the gift. You could give out some clues to help them and those who guessed the item correctly wins the gift or if the gift is named for a certain person then the one who guessed what’s inside the gift will also get a prize while the Christmas gift will be given to the right person that it belongs to.

There are even more Holiday Party Games for you! Do you need other party activity ideas?

Why not check out Christmas Coloring Pages

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