Religious Christmas Costumes For Kids and Adults

Here is where you can find the Religious Christmas Costumes you need to act in this years Christmas pageant. Whether the show is at your school, your Church or your home, costumes will dress up your production. Someone you know will need some Angel Wings or a Halo, a Shepherd costume or a robe like the one Mary and Joseph wore or the more exotic robes of the three Wise Men.

Marabou Feather Halo

Show Us and Tell Us All About Your Christmas Costume!

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Tell us why you dressed up in a Christmas costume...were you in a play, a pageant...a Nativity Show or do you just like to dress up during the holidays? There are so many costumes to choose from...Angels, Trees, Presents, Mary and Joseph, the Shepherds and Wise Men or animals in the manger. Many schools, churches and groups have holiday plays and recitals around the Christmas holidays. Kids and adults dress up to re-enact the first Christmas scene. It's always a wonderful play to watch or to act in.

And then there is that other guy who comes around only once a year. Let's not forget the fellows and gals from the North Pole either. There are some cute Elf costumes out there...did you put one of them on? And let's not forget the big guy himself...Santa Claus!

People also love to dress their pets up at holiday time too. Did you put your pup in a dog Christmas costume? Show us the pictures! And take a look at ours!

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To find the costumes you need this holiday season just click on any of the pictures below.

Here are some Wise Men costumes for your holiday pageant...Melchior, Balthazar and Gaspar...

Melchior Adult Costume - One Size Fits Most Adults

Balthazar Adult Costume - One Size Fits Most Adults

Gaspar Child Costume - Large

No holiday religious production would be complete with out Mary and Joseph. You can find costumes for them here...they are shown is children's sizes but they also come in adult sizes.

Mary Child - Winter Holiday Classics Costume (7-10)

Mary Child - Winter Holiday Classics Costume (4-6X)

Joseph Child - Winter Holiday Classics Costume - Medium (7-10)

Of course there are different Shepherd and Wise Men robes to choose from and there are even Jesus costumes to be found. Costume accessories like beards, wigs, the Shepherd staff...everything you need for your holiday production. There are also some Angel costumes with or without wings and wings and halos you can purchase separately.

The Other Side of Christmas Costumes

Yes, we have all the religious costumes so your pageant or Church play will have everything you need. All the characters dressed in their robes and beards...but we also have some other kinds of Costumes for Christmas you might want to look's Santa, the Elves and even the Gingerbread Man and some Reindeer.

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