Chinese New Year Printables For Children

Get some free Chinese New Year Printables for Children and learn about some of the traditions of this ancient holiday that welcomes the Spring. Find out about some of the symbols this holiday brings and what they mean. Find New Year coloring pages to print and share with your children. New Year craft ideas, party supplies and new ideas to think about. Welcome the New Year...The Year of the Rabbit...2011.

Here are some of the fun pages you can find with crafts, printable games, coloring pages and word find games about Chinese New Year. Get your free printables and have fun learning about this holiday with your children.

Chinese Zodiac Signs Coloring Pages

Print out a Tiger Zodiac Money Envelope

Chinese New Year Money Envelope For Kids

Lantern Party Invitation from Kai-Lan

Kai-Lan Paper Lanterns

Chinese New Year Cleaning List

Printable Chinese New Year Word Find

There you have some printable Chinese New Year coloring pages, a money envelope, a Lantern party invitation, paper lanterns, a cleaning list and a printable word find game. You will learn a little bit about this Chinese holiday through these fun games, coloring pages and crafts. Enjoy your free printable crafts and games. Enjoy's fun!

Lots More Chinese New Year Crafts

I found a fortune in Chinese New Year Crafts and projects for you to look at. Here is just a sampling of the craft projects you will find.

  • Chinese Culture Crafts
  • Chinese New Year Coloring Pages
  • Dragon Crafts
  • About Chinese New Year
  • Books
  • Easy Paper Lantern
  • Pretend Fireworks
  • Fortune Cookie Craft
  • Noodle Fireworks
  • Party Poppers
  • Fans
  • Red Lanterns
  • Chinese Zodiac Game Cards
So be sure to take a look at all these fun craft projects to help you and your children ring in the Chinese New Year. Here is where you can find these Chinese New Year Crafts and Projects.

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Chinese New Year Party Ideas and Supplies

I found some traditional Chinese New Year crafts and party supplies so you can celebrate this holiday in style. Lanterns, dragons, chopsticks, money bags, coloring crafts, bracelet making for everyone. Even found a decorated plates and napkins. Where you ask? At the Oriental Trading Company!

Chinese New Year Lucky Money Bags are a Tradition during this holiday.

Chinese Zodiac Placemats for the New Year Celebration

Chinese Fortune Cookies for the New Year Celebration

The Dragon is a traditional symbol for Chinese New Year

I hope you enjoy these Chinese New Year Printables for children and these fun crafts I found at the Oriental Trading Company. If you are planning to celebrate the Chinese New Year - The Year of the Rabbit - I suggest you visit the Oriental Trading online catalog and see the over 100 fun party accessories, decoration and crafts they have for kids. There are beginner chop sticks, dragons making kits, beaded kits...lots of fun for kids! Combine the Chinese New Year Printables with these fun crafts and you have the makings for a successful kids party!

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