Children Halloween Games

You can find Children Halloween Games to play with your kids all through the month of October. It will help to get rid of some of that extra energy kids get around the holidays...especially a fun holiday like Halloween!

You can use these fun games at a holiday party, at a class party at school or any time you like at home with your family. Playing with your kids will keep your families list of fun memories growing and we all know that these wonderful memories last a life time.

Pin The Crow On The Scarecrow

This is an easy Halloween game for kids that you can make yourself. Another version of this fun game is Pin the Wart on the Witch. But first find out how to make your own Pin the Crow on the Scarecrow. To make this variation on that classic kids game, Pin the Tail on the Donkey, you will need:

  • A Scarecrow
  • Crows
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Craft or Construction Paper or Craft Foam Sheets
Here's what you will need to make:
  • A flat scarecrow you can hang on the wall.
  • You can make this out of a child's shirt and pair of pants.
  • Add a paper face
  • Make some black crows out of the paper or craft foam.
  • Cut out a beak for each crow and glue or tape it on the crows.
  • You can also buy a picture of a Scarecrow to use.
  • Place a piece of double sided tape on each of the crows
Now, you know that to play the game you must put a blindfold on each child and let them try to "pin" a crow onto the scarecrow's shoulder.

Now if you would rather play the Witch version, make a picture of a witch or buy one. Make some warts out of the foam or construction paper...add doublesided tape and let the kids try to pin a wart onto the witch's face! Another of those fun children Halloween games.

Mr. Skeleton Where's Your Bones?

To play Mr. Skeleton Where's Your Bone? one child must be Mr. Skeleton and the rest of the kids sit in a circle. Mr. Skeleton is in the middle of the circle. The idea of the game is for Mr. Skeleton to close his eyes and the kids in the circle will pass a cardboard bone behind their backs. When Mr. Skeleton opens his eyes, he or she must try to figure out who has the bone. The person with the bone becomes the next Mr. Skeleton.

While the children are passing along the bone, there's a chant they should sing.

It goes like this:

Mr. Skeleton where's your bone?
Somebody stole it from your home.
Could be him, could be her.
Guess who it is if you can.
Maybe a ghost from Ketchakan.
Now Mr. Skeleton find your bone!

While the kids are chanting Mr. Skeleton's eyes are closed. When they stop he or she can open their eyes, so the bone must be hidden by then.

It's one of those easy children Halloween games that you can play over and over again.

Push The Pumpkin Halloween Game

To play Push The Pumpkin you will need a two small pumpkins and two teams of kids to play this relay style of children Halloween games.

Have the kids form two teams to play this relay race party game. Pick a starting point and a half way point. The finish line is back at the starting point. Each child must squat and push the pumpkin forward to the half way line and back. The next team member does the same until all the members of a team complete the challenge. The team who's players finish first is the winner! Push the Pumpkin is one of those fun Children Halloween games.

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Witch Hunt

Witch Hunt is a Treasure Hunt game perfect for seasonal Halloween parties. You will need a few accessories.

  • Brooms
  • Flashlights
  • Pot of Candy
  • An Optional Player is a Witch
The game's plot goes like evil witch has made off with the Halloween candy! Everyone must join in the search to find her. There are clues to help the players. Get all the brooms you can...people usually borrow a few from friends or neighbors...unless you happen to have an unusually large supply of them! Scatter the brooms about the yard or the house with the handles point towards the next broom. Finding each broom will bring the kids closer to the stolen candy. The final broom should be pointing to a cauldron of candy. If you don't happen to have a Witch's Cauldron, just use a bowl! You can use any old witch decoration you might have to cover the candy with.

Kids love scavenger and treasure hunt games...they are exciting and with this particular game, there's a delicious treat waiting at the end. Fun children Halloween games should all have a surprise at the end!

Mummy Wrap

This is one of those Halloween games for kids that you will need lots of toilet paper for! Mummy Wrap calls for teams of two. One child will do the wrapping while the other child will be the mummy. Now have the wrapper take the toilet paper and wrap it around the chosen mummy.

You can let the team that finishes first be the winners, you can choose the winner on who makes the best mummy or you can give everyone a prize for playing and being such good sports! TP or toilet paper games are a perfect for children. Halloween games should be unusal and fun, and this certainly is!

The Eyeball Race

You will need the following supplies for The Eyeball Race:

  • Ping Pong Balls
  • Marker
  • Spoons
Here's how to play:
  • Draw an eyeball on each ping pong ball.
  • Give each child a spoon
  • Put an "eyeball" in each spoon
  • Let each child race towards the finish line.
  • Who ever crosses the finish line first with their eyeball in their spoon wins!
Remember, No hands! This is one of the children Halloween games that kids really enjoy.

Kids love to play games at parties, so if you are having a birthday or a Halloween party for children, Halloween games can be altered to fit the occasion. Make sure to plan lots of fun games. Always plan more than you will need...just in case some of the planned activities go faster than you have planned.

Another fun thing to do at parties is plan some Halloween Preschool Crafts. These craft ideas are called preschool because they are easy enough for younger children, but they are fun for everyone!

If you need any Halloween costumes, party supplies or decorations, take a look at the links below. You can find baby, kids, teen or adult costumes, party plates and lots of fun and scary Halloween decorations. It's almost October 31st, are you ready with your adult and children Halloween games?

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