Get A Child Monkey Costume For Halloween

Get a Child Monkey Costume for Halloween this year. You will find this funny little primate disguise in baby, toddler, child and adult's perfect for any one who wants to have a good time Monkeying Around this October. Check out the cute collection of monkey outfits we found for you to pick from or click on any picture to go into one of the online Halloween costume stores.

More Monkey Halloween Costumes

They are cute, those little Monkey Halloween Costumes, aren't they? I just love them and I bet your kids will too. Did you know there is also a costume of a big monkey for your husband too? You can throw on a cute "Jane" costume and let the kids and Hubby be gorillas or primates of the cutest kind. Just look at these fun ideas, including the sock monkey. And now here are some more fun ideas...

Adult and Child Monkey Costume Ideas

If you need Monkey Costumes for bigger kids or for your darling husband, take a look at these fun ideas...including the Flying Monkey costumes from the Wizard of Oz.

There's more Flying Monkeys if you click on a picture you will find them. Here's some cute husband style monkey outfits.

You can find more Adult Monkey Costume ideas.

Here are some pictures of kids costumes...there's a Gorilla, a Ben 10 Spidermonkey costume and one for girls from The Littlest Pet Shop.

Hey...what are you going to feed all these monkeys and gorillas? What do primates eat? We all know they swing from trees but unless Jane Goodall is around they aren't going to be fed properly...or are they?

This is a fun Halloween costume idea for babies, toddlers, kids and adults...but there isn't a costume here for Mom. We found one for a girl but nothing for the Lady of the House. We can fix this really cool Mom who keeps everything under control. This is a cute costume to go along with the monkey theme if you want to use it as a group costume idea. What do you think, Mom?

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Monkey Triva and Fun Facts

Let's play trivia! I like to play games and when you own your own website you can do whatever you like on a page. If you are looking into a child monkey costume or an adult monkey outfit, chances are someone in your house is a primate fan and will enjoy these fun facts and triva questions. There's not too many...but if you want to send in more just use the contact button on the Nav Bar. I would love to add more to my list.

1. Name Superman's monkey.

2. Name the monkey from Lion King.

3. Who lives with "The Man with The Yellow Hat"?

4. What is a group of Monkeys called?

5. How loud is a Howler Monkey?

6. What is the world's smallest monkey and how small is it?

7. What does it mean when a monkey yawns?

8. Which Child Monkey Costume did you pick out?

Answer 1:

You didn't know Superman had a monkey, did you? Ha...I just wanted to start out with a really difficult question...sorry. His monkey was named Beppo. Beppo was from the planet Krypton and he was first seen in the issue v1 076 issue of Superboy in October of 1959.

Answer 2:

Rafiki is the Madrill-baboon from the Lion King. Mandrill baboons are closely related to baboons and to a primate named Drills. These primates are Old-World Monkeys. Old World Monkeys are from Africa and Asia.

Answer 3:

Curious George is the Chimpanzee that lives with "The Man with The Yellow Hat". Did you know that a Chimpanzee is in the Gorilla family...not the monkey family?

Answer 4:

Monkeys live together in groups called troops. These characters are very social animals.

Answer 5:

Howlers are the loudest of all fact, they are the loudest land animals. They can be heard for several miles. Do you know anyone who can yell that loud?

Answer 6:

The world's smallest monkey is the Pygmy Marmoset. This little guy is about 5 or 6 inches long.

Answer 7:

A monkey yawning means he is angry or he is tired.

Answer 8:

Only you can answer that one.

I think it's fun to learn about monkeys, don't you? I hope you found some new and interesting monkey facts out on this page. If you have some more fun facts just send them in.

I hope you enjoyed this Child Monkey Costume page. Learn more about monkeys at the Monkey Page at Wikipedia. Or find more fun facts about monkeys from the experts at the San Diego Zoo...Monkeys Find out more about the kind of monkey that your child monkey costume is patterned after.

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