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Get Cheap Matrix Costumes! I Found Halloween Costumes On Sale...Neo, Trinity and Morpheus.

Which character in the Matrix is your favorite? Keanu Reeves starred as Neo, Carrie Moss starred as Trinity and Laurence Fisheburne starred as Morpheus. Each character has their own chemistry that attracts us to them, but we all have our favorites. I am a big Neo fan...but if I am going to dress up this Halloween in a costume from the Matrix I will be wearing the Trinity outfit. How about you?

Super Deluxe Neo Costume - Authentic Matrix Costumes

Neo Costume

There's the man, they say he is "The One" and he proves it in the movie. His love interest in the movie is Trinity. She will die to protect him. Her outfit matches his and that's why this is a fun couples costume idea! See her costume at our Trinity Costume Ideas,

Is it the Laurence Fishburne character of Morpheus your choice? Morpheus is the captain of a hover craft called the Nebuchadnezzar and he is responsible for finding Neo and helping him to realize his abilities and his destiny. Here is where you can find a Morpheus Costume.

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