Charlie Brown Christmas Coloring Pages

Charlie Brown Christmas Coloring Pages are great fun for your kids! They are free, just print them out on your printer and your children can start to color right away. Are you having a Christmas party, or guests for the holiday? Print some extra pages for those occasions too. Add some crayons and you've got a great party activity or a party favor!

Just imagine the holiday table set with these Charlie Brown party supplies, your favor bags filled with printable Charlie Brown coloring pages and crayons. What a great holiday party theme for kids or adults!

Peanuts Christmas Dinner Plates (8 count)

People have enjoyed Peanuts cartoons for decades. In fact, the cartoon strip was first seen in 1950. I'll bet they were among your childhood favorites, Mom and Dad! You can have fun with the kids you know! Of course, these pictures aren't just of Charlie Brown. The rest of the Peanuts gang is here too. Lucy, Snoopy, Linus, Woodstock...the list goes on.

Check out the "how to draw" instructions below. Kids, you can learn to draw, for that matter, Moms and Dads can learn too. It's a wonderful skill you can learn! Imagine being able to draw all the pictures you like! That would be great.

Charlie Brown Christmas Coloring Pages

Did you ever want to learn how to draw Charlie?

More Charlie Brown Christmas Coloring Pages to Color

Lots to see of the entire Peanuts Gang! 43 pages to be exact! Print one or print them all. These sheets can be lots of fun on a rainy or snowy afternoon when the kids are stuck in the house. These and a nice cup of hot chocolate will warm everyone right up!

Here's lots of pictures of the entire Peanuts Gang!

Watch The Charlie Brown Christmas Movie

Add the Charlie Brown Christmas movie to the mix and get ready for some fun and laughter. Who doesn't enjoy watching Charlie, Snoopy and the rest of the Peanut's gang gather round that famous "Charlie Brown Christmas Tree"?

Charlie Brown Christmas [Deluxe Edition]

Charlie Brown Christmas [Deluxe Edition]

One of the most endearing of all Peanuts' specials finds Charlie Brown nurturing the thinnest, scraggliest Christmas tree ever. At first the gang makes fun of Charlie for choosing such an ugly tree for the holiday but a timely assist from Linus makes the true message of the season come shining through. Everyone realizes in the end that a little affection can make all the difference in the world... even to a tree.

Want to find more movie ideas? Just go to our Charlie Brown Movies Page.

Charlie Brown Christmas Party Ideas

If you need holiday party supplies you can find everything you need at Celebrate Express. It's a great online party supply company where you can find lots of holiday ideas and supplies and Santa Letters too!

Peanuts Christmas Dinner Plates (8)

Peanuts Christmas Lunch Napkins (16)

Snoopy Masks (8)

You may as well check out what's on sale while you're there!

Want more free coloring pages for kids? Just visit our Free Coloring Pages For Kids. Print Out Coloring Fun.

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Happy Holidays to you and your family. Hope you enjoyed the free and printable Charlie Brown Christmas Coloring Pages!

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