Casino Party Ideas

Casino Party Ideas are perfect for adult parties. It's an all grown up party kids allowed. The big girls and boys are partying tonight! What a special 40th birthday party idea this is...good for 50th and 60th birthday ideas too.

Turning a Birthday Party into an Electrifying Night of Gambling fun with Casino Party Ideas.

One of the many creative ways you can celebrate an important day is by throwing a casino night theme birthday party.

Everyone in the party will surely have hours of excitement trying to outdo each other’s total winnings. However, you are not to use real money here. In fact, with Casino Party Ideas you are the house...and you can extend everybody credit. You can purchase play money and chips at party supplies stores or at bookstores. Or you can also make your own play money and chips to save on expenses.

The guests with the most winnings will get to win prizes; those who are not as lucky will also get to win some party favors. What matters is you ensure that everyone will go home glad to have been a part of your casino night birthday party.

Imagine the amazement on the faces of your guests as they arrive. You can make the party space as close to a real casino, complete with gaming tables, roulettes, dice and many others. You can use blown up images of the interiors of a real casino, or Las Vegas itself at night. You can stick huge playing cards on the walls and make the place livelier with dancing series lights. You can also set up a mini bar where guests can obtain soda, water, juice and finger foods. The decorations you use greatly depend on the kind of casino you are trying to mimic.

If there is a dress code, make sure it says so on the Casino party ideas birthday invitations that you send out. The invitations should already be a dead giveaway of the party theme. For instance, an invitation adorned with playing cards, chips and dice will make the recipient think right away that your birthday party’s theme is a night at the casino. You can find invitations like these at party supplies stores; or if you want you can have an invitation custom made. If you know how to layout images on your computer, you can simply find casino-related images on the Internet, arrange and print them. Remember that even an invitation counts a lot; your guests’ excitement begins as soon as they get to see the invitation.

You can hunt for casino-inspired decorations at a party supplies store or online. Remember that you are only limited by your imagination. With Casino party ideas as your theme the more glittery and colorful decorations you use around the place where the party is to happen, the more it will look like a casino. Throw in some upbeat music too, so that the place will truly be as lively and as charged as a real casino. You can be as creative as you like. Pretend you are someone invited to a casino night party -- what sort of decorative items you think you’d be seeing at the party?

What better to complete your casino night theme party than a grand buffet? If you can afford a buffet catering, then you can always look for one to hire. You can search online or on the phone directory; or you can even ask the staff of the party supplies store where you bought your decorative items, maybe they can recommend one or two. The good thing about hiring a catering service is it includes staff that can go around the room carrying trays of drinks and finger foods. A great way to jazz up your buffet table is to include a chocolate fountain where your guests can dip marshmallows and pretzels into.

Having clinking chips, slot machine sounds or pinball noise playing in the room is also a great way to make your casino night birthday party as realistic as can be. You can purchase casino sound effects online or at a party supplies store. Play those sounds on your audio component over and over again, and your guests might forget that it’s just a party theme with play money, and not a real casino.

A casino night birthday party like this is worth remembering. Make sure that you got your digital camera in hand to take snapshots of the event. Your guests will doubly appreciate the occasion if you promise to send them after sometime copies of the pictures in a casino-inspired scrapbook, what else?

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