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Disneys Pixar 3-D Movie Party Ideas

Disney's Pixar Cars 2 Is A Fun Kids Birthday Party Theme. Get Your Party Supplies And Fun Game Ideas With This Kids Car Movie As A Theme.

Lightening Mc Queen is racing back to the party scene with these Cars themed party supplies that will be perfect for your next kids birthday celebration. Run, don't walk, to your nearest computer where you can buy these party supplies from one of our favorite online party supplies catalogs.
Start off with a personalized party banner with the Cars theme and your child's picture. Everyone will know they are off to the races when they see this personalized racing theme banner as they walk into your party.

Invitations are usually the first party supply you actually need and you can find Cars 2 invitations inside one of the three sizes of party supply boxes that are pre-packed for you. Basic, Deluxe, and Ultimate sized boxes filled with themed paper plates, cups, napkins and party decorations all with Lightening McQueen and his car friends in mind.

Ultimate Party Pack for 8

Check out these fun filled party boxes and pick the one that's best for your party needs. Once you know which party supplies pack you want it's time to begin the search for some fun party games, activities and a Cars 2 birthday cake.

Games are always the heart of a kids party. Children will play all day long if you let them, and a party is all about fun...add the two together and you need lots of fun party games.

Cars 2 Party Games

Fun car games for kids are easy to come up with. Just think about some of the classic kids party games we are all familiar with and you will have plenty of good ideas to pick from...or use theme all.

1. Which Car Am I? This is a fun game that is easy to set up. Write the names of the Cars 2 characters on a sticky name tag. As each guest comes into the party put a name tag on their back. They have to guess which character they are. They can ask the other guests questions about characters from the movie as long as the questions have yes or no answers. This game is always a lot of fun. Character names are:

  • Lightening McQueen
  • Mater
  • Finn McMissile
  • Max Schnell
  • Francesco
  • Raoul Caroule
  • Holley Shiftwell
  • Miles Axlerod
  • Siddeley
  • Professor Z├╝ndapp
  • Grem
  • Acer
  • Luigi
  • Guido
  • Sarge
  • Mack
  • Jeff Gorvette
Don't give the Holley Stillwell name to a little boy...that won't be funny...only use Holley for girls if they are attending your cars party.

2. Pin The...on The Car...You pick the car part that the kids must pin on the car. Get a poster of a car...perhaps one of the Cars 2 vehicles and cut out construction paper pieces. Put double sided tape on one side of the construction paper cut out and blindfold each child...and give a little spin...then direct the kids to the poster where they must place their taped cut out on the poster. You can use the headlights, the tail pipe...whatever car part you want...or give each child a different shaped paper cutout. Then give everyone a Disney's Cars 2 Tattoo for playing.

3. "Disney's Pixar Cars 2 - 17"" Pull String Pinata"

4. Cars 2 - Scavenger Hunt Party Game

5. Cars 2 Bowling is a fun party game. You can make your own bowling pins out of 12 or 16 ounce soda or water bottles made of plastic. Rinse and dry the bottles and fill them with sand or dirt or flour and glue the caps on. Then paint each bottle a different color...the color of one of the Cars 2 characters. Use character stickers to decorate each bottle. For example the red bottle would be Lightening McQueen so use stickers that have Lightening on them to decorate it. You can make as many different plastic bottle bowling pins as you like...make at least 4 or 5. Let the kids roll a soft a basketball or a soccer a bowling ball at the pins and let each child try to get a strike...or take turns and score it like a real game of bowling. You can also buy a Cars 2 Bowling Set
Disney's Cars 2 Bowling Set

6. Decorate A Race Car...get some cardboard boxes, wrapping paper or colored markers, glue, stickers, and anything else you can think of. Let the kids decorate their own race made out of cardboard boxes. Here's how to make a car from a box... How To Make A Cardboard Box Car

Make one car or let each child make their own. Of course, you will have done most of the work before the kids get there...that's why you get to decide how many to make. Make sure there are no sharp edges on the boxes or sharp materials used to make these fun cars.

7. Cardboard Box Relay Race You can also add straps to each of the boxes so it can be worn over the shoulders like a pair of suspenders. Form two teams and plot a race can use chalk on your driveway to create a track or use tape on your lawn to make a car track for the relay race. Put a "pit stop" in the middle of the track and each racer has to get out and run around the car and get back in. Then they must complete the track and return to the start line where the next team member starts his lap. love relay races!

8. Race Car Treasure Tower Game...this kids game reminds me of a pinata. You put some candy or toys inside the tower. Each child then spins the spinner, gets a color and selects a tab in that color. Candy is going to spill out when one of those tabs gets pulled...and look out...everyone gets to grab some goodies! You get the game tower with tabs and a spinner with this new party game set. You must supply your own candy and fillers.

Cars 2 Cake Ideas

A Cars 2 birthday cake is an easy one to decorate. Get a baked and frosted cake and put a cake topper on can see the cake topper on the right hand side of this page. It has two car figures, one is Lightening McQueen and the other is the tow truck, Mater. Plus there is a decorative plaque with other cars on it. Just put it right on top of your cake. It will look great.

The second fun cake decorating idea is an edible cake image. You just put this edible picture on top of your baked and frosted cake and let it melts into the icing and it looks great.

Disney's Cars 2 World Grand Prix Edible Icing Cake Topper

Race Car World Grand Prix Edible Icing Cake Topper

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