A Carnival Party For Big Top Fun

Have A Party With A Carnival Theme. Carnival party ideas can help you plan some Big Top fun at your house this year. This is a fun kids birthday party theme and it is not just fun for the kids...adults love it too. This is the perfect theme for a block or a Fourth of July party, so there's a little food for thought. You can find the fun games, easy fun food ideas and find cheap prizes so everyone can go home a winner!

Clown Party Game

Egg Relay Game

Inflatable 3 In-A-Row Game

Need Help? Call The Carnys

Call the Carnys to help set up your yard so it looks like the midway at a fair...you know, your family and friends. Get some help setting up booths or stands to serve hot dogs, burgers, cotton candy, peanuts, candy apples, popcorn and everything else you find at a fair. Here's where you can find more Carnival Party Food ideas. Set up the games and start handing out the prizes to all those lucky party guests.

Carnival Party Personalized Thank You Note

Can Toss Game

Carnival Balloon Kit

Think bright colors, amazing and challenging games and fun foods...remember the beautiful cotton candy and the smell of that delicious, fresh popped popcorn? A carnival is a traveling good time, very similar to a Circus, but on a smaller scale...which is good. It would be hard to fit the elephants in your yard. What a carnival is big on is fun! It's all about games and challenges and tasty food. Take a look at these Carnival Party Supplies so you can decorate your party area.

If you are looking for Circus birthday party ideas you can find them at our Circus Birthday Party Ideas page.

Set Up The Carnival Games

You can plan and decorate your yard to host a bunch of party goers with this theme. You will need someone to oversee a game or two and perhaps a little help with the food. This is one party that is all about fun and to help with that we tell you about the games and where you can buy them...or how to make them if you want to save some money. Carny games are easy to make at home with materials can find right in your pantry!

Pin Drop Game

Sack Race Game

Seal Wind-Up

Just take a look at these fun carnival games we've got planned for you. You can pick and choose the ones you think will be the most fun. The ones I remember from the good old days are:

  • The Can Toss
  • The Pin Drop
  • The Bean Bag Toss
  • Lollipop Tree
  • Duck Pond

Here's where you can go to make your own carnival games.

Flamingo Ring Toss Game

Cactus Ring Toss Game

Circus Ring Toss Game

Just look at these pictures...Ring Toss comes in a variety of fun themes...does one of these match your carnival? You can have an Ocean theme, a country theme or any theme you want, after all, it's your party!

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