Get Your Carnival Party Supplies

Carnival party supplies are easy to find and a carnival birthday for kids is a great theme idea. It is easy to plan an outdoor or an indoor party with this great theme. Here are some carnival and circus party supplies you can use with your kids carnival birthday party ideas!

Three-Ring Circus Party Pack Add-On

Three-Ring Circus Basic Party Pack

Three-Ring Circus Deluxe Party Pack

You can make your own midway and your own midway games. Bean bag toss, ring toss, penny pitch and bowling are only a few of the fun carnival games you can choose for the kids to play. Making these carnival games is very easy and you can do it with the help of some cardboard boxes and bean bags.

Here are a few game ideas you can use when you are thinking about your carnival party supplies...after all, you are going to need plenty of games!

Pin Drop Game

Sack Race Game

Seal Wind-Up

Get Carnival Party Supplies and Party Ideas

You can find all the carnival party some cheap carnival party supplies, you need here. We have the food ideas, the game ideas and even where to get your game prizes.
You know...the funnel cakes, the popcorn, cotton candy, corn dogs...all that wonderful carnival style food, all those wonderful smells. Plus we found carnival food containers to put your goodies in. Popcorn bags and boxes, hot dog holders all in red and white stripes just like you find at a real carnival. You can get them at Oriental Trading Company. Take a look at all the supply items you can find there.

The party ideas include everything from making your own games to carny style party tickets and the prizes, well those are lots of fun. There are carny rubber duckies...the rubber duckies are such a popular game prize or party favor idea. Plus you can find leis, gliders, bubbles, will find an unbelievable game prize selection at The Oriental Trading Company.

Make Carnival Games Yourself

Interested in making your own carnival party games? If you don't want the expense of buying all your carnival party supplies this is a way to cut down your costs. It is easy as can be to construct midway games with simple tools like cardboard boxes, folding tables, empty soda bottles filled with sand. Sponges can be used instead of a bean bag to throw. Once you get a few ideas from us, your imagination is going to kick in and you are going to come up with some wonderful and unique ideas of your own. Hey, when you do, let us know about them!

Find these fun game at make your own carnival games.

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