Carnival Party Ideas For Kids

Carnival Party Ideas for your next kids birthday party. A Carny party is great for the spring, summer and early fall months. This is the perfect kids party theme to hold outdoors, so you need the weather to cooperate with you!

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Start planning your games...which are your favorite ones? Are you handy? Making carnival games isn't that difficult, so you may be able to save a lot of money makings some of the games yourself. And homemade carnival games are just as much fun as the ones you buy or rent...just cheaper!

Carnival Giant Decorating Kit Each

Carnival Giant Decorating Kit Each

Carnival Giant Decorating Kit is sure to make decorating for your school carnival a breeze! This plastic Decorating Kit includes a 24' Fringe Banner, 24' Pennant Banner, 24' Bunting, and 65" Sign Banner.

Once you have committed to this theme, make up your guest list, choose some party supplies to match your theme...and with this theme you are in luck! It's fun, bright and colorful so you can have a lot of fun decorating for this one. A carnival always has lots of banners, flags and bunting around so that might be a good place to begin your decorating ideas. You can choose from a circus or carnival party supply pattern or you can get dinner plates, cups and napkins in festive colors.

Carnival Game Prizes

Carnival Party Personalized Thank You Note

Can Toss Game

Carnival Balloon Kit

There are also lots of game and food booths that are just right for carnival party ideas. You can find and rent booths, you can find cardboard boxes and make a homemade version of a booth, you can set up folding tables to use a booth. There are lots of things to think about with a carnival party theme. Decide how you want to proceed and then...get to it. While we are talking about it there are not only booths, but also lots of carnival games for rent as well. Remember...carnival party ideas always...always...have lots of fun games included in them. You can never have too many party games at a carnival.

Choose your party food...another fun part of carnival party ideas is choosing a delicious and fun menu. You can find lots of goodies at any carnival you go to. Hot Dogs, Burgers, Corn on the Cob can start your party menu, but to complete it you will have to add Cotton Candy, Pop Corn, Candy Apples, Funnel Cakes and Ice Cream! There are many more food ideas for a carnival party, but this is certainly a good start. You can find more ideas at our Carnival Party Food page. Plus on that same page, you can find popcorn bags and those red and white striped holders for your hot dogs. Now, if that doesn't look just like a carnival, I don't know what does!

Cupcakes For Your Carnival Party Ideas

I saw some really cute cupcake holders...and they had a carnival theme. So there is a different idea for your birthday cake. Serve up some cupcakes and place them in a carny cupcake wrapper. You can also set up a booth with different frostings and toppings and let everyone design their own cupcakes. That sounds like a lot of fun and this is one booth you won't need a ticket for!

How about some clown cupcakes? Make your cupcakes as you usually do...frost them in carnival colors. Then top them with an ice cream cone. You can dip the cone in melted colored chocolate or cover it with frosting to decorate it. Now using assorted candies, make a clown face on your cupcake...they look cute and are good to eat.

Another fun cupcake decorating idea is to make popcorn cupcakes. Just top your frosted cupcakes with mini marshmallows for a popcorn looking treat. To make your marshmallows look like popcorn you have to cut an x shape in them. Just take a pair of scissors and do that. You can also mix some yellow frosting or food coloring with water. Use a spray bottle or paint brush to spray or brush some yellow color to the top of the popcorn cupcakes so it looks like they have butter on top. The yellow "butter" makes them look very realistic. You can also find color sprays in your food store cake baking section.

Here are some more carnival party ideas and accessories you can find at

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