Carnival Party Games - How About Penny Pitch?

by Jillian
(Edison, New Jersey, USA)

Penny Pitch is another one of the fun carnival party games

Penny Pitch is another one of the fun carnival party games

Penny Pitch is an old carnival game. You will need lots of pennies and a target for your pennies. Some people will draw squares on paper. Each square will have a different prize value and if a penny lands completely in a square the person who pitched it wins the prize that is written in that square. You can also use paper with colored polka dots on it and each color will represent a different prize.

You can also set up plates or pictures...anything at all you like. Have the target match up with your party theme for a little fun. Give a consolation prize to everyone who plays that way everyone feels like a winner.

Change the target when you play penny pitch so it fits your theme. You can use an Easter Basket at Easter, a pumpkin at get it. You can make this the ideal party game for all the holidays as well as birthday parties.

If you want to get cheap accessories to use as prizes be sure to look where I get most of my party game prizes - the Oriental Trading Company. You can also find party supplies, games, balloons and even Halloween costumes there.

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