Carnival Party Food Ideas

Carnival Party Food ideas and carnival party games are a perfect combination for a kids birthday party. Fun games, food, prizes and birthday cake equal kids party fun...and lots of it!

Clown Party Game

Egg Relay Game

Inflatable 3 In-A-Row Game

Look at those bright pictures of the carnival games you can have at your party. It makes you feel the fun and excitement of this party theme already. Plan to have a lot of games at your party. You can buy some games and you can also make your carnival party games. Making carnival games isn't as difficult as it sounds, in fact, you can use materials you have in your home right now. Check it out...make a a few!

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Carnival Party Food Menu

What food should you plan for your carnival birthday party ideas? I remember the smell of popcorn and hot dogs at a carnival when I was younger. The sweet smell of corn and cotton candy. The bright red candy apples and the wonderful taste of sweet powdered sugar on my warm funnel cake...yummy.

Pop Corn Bags For Your Carnival Birthday Party Ideas

I can almost taste those delicious foods now when I am thinking about them. That's a great menu. Add some hamburgers, corn dogs and ice cream and you've got a great carnival party food menu. You might want to add some watermelon, in fact, you can make a fun carnival game out of it. Have a watermelon eating contest! Food and fun, isn't that what a carnival should be all about?

Hot Dog Holders for Carnival Birthday Party Ideas

Print your party menu out on pieces of paper and hang them near your food table, tent or booth. Let everyone know what's on the menu. Set up different stations for the pop corn and the cotton candy. Make your yard look like a midway. With games and food stands along the sides of the yard.

These cupcake wrappers will make your carnival cupcakes look perfect! Add some mini marshmallows to them and you've got some popcorn cupcakes. If you take a pair of scissors and cut X's in them and then place them on top of your frosted cupcakes. You can put a little bit of yellow food coloring mixed with water on them. Use a paint brush to brush your food coloring lightly on top of your marshmallows to make it look like butter! Or use a bit of yellow icing to top the cakes off with "butter".

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