Carnival Games Ideas For A Kids Party

Carnival games ideas for a kids party with a carnival or circus theme are easy to come up with. They are even easy to make yourself. Find a nice long list of carnival games for a fun kids party.

Can you remember how much fun you had the last time you went to the carnival? Remember walking down the midway playing the games you passed? How about the fun game prizes you won? And then there is the smell of the carnival...cotton candy, popcorn, funnel cakes, corndogs, corn on the cob plus burgers, dogs and sausage sandwiches...all those delicious food smells tempting you as you walked around...the lights, the rides and the action!

Our games list has the same games you find at the carnival. Do you remember playing:
  • Penny Toss
  • Bean Bag Toss
  • Duck Pond
  • Lolliepop Tree
  • Sand Art
  • Balloon Stomp
  • Guess How Many
  • Lucky Key
  • Penny Pitch
  • Sponge Toss
  • Tattoo Parlor
  • Face Painting
  • Pretty Colored Hair
  • Dinosaur Dig
  • Fishing Booth
  • Fish Bowl Ping Pong Toss
  • Spin Art

Find more fun carnival games ideas at our Carnival birthday party page...where you can find party ideas and party supplies for a carnival theme or learn how to make your own party games with these simple and fun carnival game instructions.

Know any fun Carnival Party Games?

We are looking for Carnival games, ideas for a kids party. If you have some fun and easy carnival party games, why not tell us about it? Share it! Tell us how to play, how to make it or how it worked out for you at your party.

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Basketball shoting 
We made a basketball shooting contest. Players would stand at a certain line (made of tape) depending on how old they were. Younger kids would get a shorter …

Halloween Carnival Spiders Web Game Not rated yet
The Halloween Carnival Spiders web game is great for that fall carnival party you are planning. You can play this indoors or out so it's a wonderful choice. …

Can Toss Is Easy To Make Yourself Not rated yet
You can make a Can Toss game. All you need are some cans and some balls to knock them down. You can use some empty cans you already have or you can buy …

The Clothes Pin Drop Game Not rated yet
The Clothes Pin Drop Game is fun for any party theme, but especially a Carnival party. There is nothing like the fun feeling you get when you are walking …

Play The Duck Pond Game At A Kids Party Not rated yet
The Duck pond game has been played at carnivals for as long as I can remember. Little kids and adults love to play it because it is easy to win yourself …

Fish Bowl Ping Pong Toss  Not rated yet
Fish bowl ping pong toss is a very popular carnival game. I can't imagine going to a fair or carny and not playing this game. You will need some fish …

Dinosaur Dig As A Carnival Game Not rated yet
You can make any game a carnival game. Dinosaur dig is a treasure hunt type of game. The kids will have to dig through the dirt or sand to find some …

Carnival Party Games - How About Penny Pitch? Not rated yet
Penny Pitch is an old carnival game. You will need lots of pennies and a target for your pennies. Some people will draw squares on paper. Each square …

The Lucky Key Game Perfect For Kids Party Ideas Not rated yet
The Lucky Key game is a fun game at a kids party. If you are using it as a carnival party game give out some temporaty tattoos or stickers as prizes. …

Balloon Stomp Would Be A Good Carnival Party Game Not rated yet
To plan a carnival party you need lots of carnival party games and one you can set up easily is Balloon Stomp. All you need to play this funny party game …

Making Carnival Games Ring Toss Not rated yet
Thinking of making carnival games for your carnival theme birthday party? This is a great theme for kids and adults and it is easy to find lots of make …

Ring Toss Fun Carnival Party Games and Ideas Not rated yet
If you are looking for fun carnival party games and ideas you should consider Ring Toss. It's the ultimate carnival game. Can you thing of ever going …

Ring Toss Is A Great Carnival Party Game Not rated yet
Ring Toss is a great carnival party game for many reasons. It can be fifty different games...Baseball, Football, Dolphin, Fourth of July, Pirate, Monkey...the …

Making Carnival Games A Fishing Booth Not rated yet
Making carnival games is really fun and easy, but making a carnival fishing game simple! We used this kid friendly game years ago at a circus birthday …

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