Carnival Birthday Party Ideas

Carnival Birthday Party Ideas are fun for kids and adults. This party theme makes a great birthday party, but you can use it for a fundraising party, a Fourth of July party or a block party too. It's a great way to have a ton of fun with your family, your friends and your neighbors. So whether it is a kids party or something a little bigger...this is the perfect party theme!

Three-Ring Circus Napkins (16)

Three-Ring Circus Party Favor Box

Three-Ring Circus Party Pack Add-On

Okay, you will need invitations so everyone can know about your carnival birthday party ideas. You will need party invitations, party supplies, party decorations, lots and lots of carnival party games, carnival party food and some fun game prizes...after all, don't you always win something at the carnival?

Carnival party invitations are easy. I just got some in the mail today. They look like tickets to the Big Top Show. On it they wrote "Cal's Birthday Carnival...Saturday...June 5th, 2010. The gates open at 5 PM...Come On Over For Some Games, Prizes, Food and Fun!"

Then the carnival invitation actually names some if the fun carnival party games:

  • Lollipop Tree
  • Duck Pond Ring Toss
  • Balloon Animals
I bet you can make those invites yourself if you like to be crafty. Write it up on your computer and print it out on colored paper. It would be great. Use some Clip Art graphics to add a tent or some balloons.

The invitations I got also listed a menu. Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Pop Corn and Cotton Candy...I can think of more, can you? It's an easy party menu to plan and prepare. How about some Corn on the Cob, Soft Pretzels and Peanuts. If you really want to get fancy add some Sausage Sandwiches, Corndogs and Chicken Fingers too.

You can find the hot dogs plates and popcorn bags with the red and white stripes on them to really make everyone feel like they are at a carnival. These striped ones are perfect for your carnival birthday party ideas

Popcorn Boxes (8)

Three-Ring Circus 9 oz. Cups (8)

Three-Ring Circus Activity Placemats (4)

Do you have a drink dispenser? Mix up some fruit punch to serve to your guests...but they can dispense it themselves with one of these drink machines. It will bring everyone right back to the good old days at the real carnival. No dispenser? How about a punch bowl? Mix your fruit punch in the punch bowl, add a big cube of ice...make some ice in a freezer safe pitcher...and just float the giant ice cube in there along with some rainbow colored sherbet. Ginger Ale, Fruit Juice, frozen fruit or cut up slices of lemons and oranges, a giant ice cube and some sherbet make a delicious fruit punch...perfect for your carnival birthday party ideas.

Here are some links where you can find more carnival birthday party ideas:Carnival Party Food / Carnival Party Supplies / Carnival Party Games / Carnival Game Prizes

Carnival Party Decorations Are Fun

WOW Carnival party decorations are fun and a MUST for carnival birthday party ideas. And it's amazing what you can get...Look at this amazing party decoration kit you can get. It costs about 30.00, but it goes far...look at all the stuff you get. It will make your yard look like a fair grounds for sure.

Carnival Giant Decorating Kit Each

Carnival Giant Decorating Kit Each

Carnival Giant Decorating Kit is sure to make decorating for your school carnival a breeze! This plastic Decorating Kit includes a 24' Fringe Banner, 24' Pennant Banner, 24' Bunting, and 65" Sign Banner.

A Carnival is so much like a circus that sometimes the two get confused...and so what! They are both fun party themes fo r children and for adults. These fun party supplies are perfect for both themes.

Circus Ring Toss Game

Circus Party Table Cover

Carnival Party Tattoos

Fun Carnival Party Games

Carnival or not, Pin the Nose on the Clown is a fun party game anywhere...anytime, but it is a MUST at a carnival theme birthday! The good old spoon and egg race all in one package. No boiling eggs for you Mom, just get this ready to use game that comes with everything you need to play one of the most famous outdoor relay races in the world! The third game pictured here is another carnival favorite...Our inflatable 3 In-A-Row game is the perfect game for kids to play, and they can play it indoors or out for fun anywhere. This game comes with an inflatable board and six balls. Remember, the phrase carnival birthday party ideas is synonomous with carnival party games. Carnival Game Prizes

Clown Party Game

Egg Relay Game

Inflatable 3 In-A-Row Game

More Carnival Party Games

More carnival party games...oldies, but goodies, like the Can Toss Game and then there is the carnival balloon kit. This kit comes with an instruction book, 20 twisty balloons, a balloon pump...enough supplies to make 8 different balloon creations to the delight of all of your party guests. Everyone loves these fun balloon creatures. Carnival Game Prizes

Carnival Party Personalized Thank You Note

Can Toss Game

Carnival Balloon Kit

Carnival Party Games Galore

These carnival birthday party ideas are great. Here are more carnival party games that are exactly what Moms and Dads will remember from the carnivals they went to as children. The Pin Drop Game is as old as the hills, but it's still fun and can be quite challenging. The potato sack race is something we used to play with burlap bags or our moms pillowcases...wonder if she knows we took them? We never told! Now, the Seal Wind Up will make a great game prize for your carnival birthday party ideas. We aren't calling gifts party favors, we are calling them game prizes...and this Seal Wind Up is on sale. So see if you think your guests will like it and see if the price is in your partys budget. Carnival Game Prizes

Pin Drop Game

Sack Race Game

Seal Wind-Up

No Such Thing As Too Many Carnival Games

There is no such thing as too many games at a carnival and as you can see, the game list just keeps growing and growing. All of these games are fun, but just pick your very favorites and buy them. You can make a lot of these fun carnival party games, so keep that in mind before you completely blow the party budget on these fun, fun kids games. We will even show you how!

Bowling Game

Bean Bag Toss Game

Water Balloon Toss Game

Want To Make Your Own Carnival Games?

Looking over all these fun games and then adding up how much they cost...I'll bet you are way over your party game budget. Don't worry about really, don't worry. We can help you make most of these games...maybe even all of them. It will save you lots of party money for the good stuff like game prizes, party food and carnival party decorations.

We don't want our carnival birthday party ideas to break the party bank! At Party Ideas Parade we try to make your birthday parties as cheap as possible. I have four kids and I know there isn't always a lot of money for a birthday party. But that doesn't mean you have to throw a crummy party...throw a great one...just make it inexpensive in cost but big on fun! Just go down to the bottom of the page and you will see how to make the following carnival party games:

  • Bowling
  • Ring Toss
  • Duck Pond
  • Clothespin Drop
  • Can Toss
  • Lollipop Tree
  • Balloon Dart
  • Guess The Smell
  • Carnival Fishing Game
  • Carnival Toilet Paper Toss
  • Halloween Carnival Hay Stack...or Fall Carnival
  • Mini-Basket Ball
  • Candy Guessing
  • Carnival Spiders...good for Halloween and Fall

See I told you not to worry. Look over the how to make these carnival game directions and see which ones look easy enough for you to make and which ones look more difficult than you want to be bothered with. Buy the ones with the higher difficulty level...or just make the ones you can. There are more than enough carnival game ideas to make your carnival birthday party ideas go along just fine.

Carnival Photo Opportunity

This Photo Stand In is one of those great carnival birthday party ideas! And it is a cheap way to entertain and thrill your guests. Can you believe this is only about 7 dollars? A Carnival Photo Opportunity is the perfect party favor for your guests. Have everyone stand behind this strong man and stick their head in the hole. It will look like they are the strong man...I love these photo stand ins. They are all about fun! There is nothing more fun than carnival party pictures.

Circus Photo Prop

Carnival Pinata Game

Make sure you get the Carnival Pinata game. Kids love playing the pinata game...but make sure you get the pinata conversion kit. It makes this fun game a safe game! You want your carnival birthday party ideas full of games and fun activities, but you also want them to be safe. Getting the conversion kit will ensure your pinata game is safe.

Clown Ball Toss Game Standup

I know the pinata is not a typical game you would connect with carnival birthday party ideas and games, but this pinata is in the shape of a circus tent and seems to fit perfectly with this theme.

Carnival Game Prizes

If you need any more carnival birthday party ideas just use the contact button on the nav bar to send us an email. We have lots of great party ideas and one of them might be just what you are looking for!

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Games For Carnival Birthday Party Ideas

Here is where you can find the most important part of your carnival birthday party ideas...the carnival party games and directions on how you can make these fun carnival games yourself. Most can be made with materials you have around your house. You may need glue, paint, netting...a few items like bean bags, or hula hoops that you have to buy, but for the most part these games will be much cheaper to make than they are to buy...most of them anyway!

We want to share the best carnival birthday party ideas with you...and if you have any good ideas for this fun kids party theme please share them with us...we'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas!

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