Dr. Carlisle Cullen

Carlisle Cullen is the father figure to the members of the Cullen family, and husband of Esme. It is Carlisle who taught the family the "vegetarian" lifestyle they all live by. Peter Facinelli plays the character of Dr. Cullen in the Twilight movie.

Carlisle was born in London, England in the 1640's. The son of an Anglican pastor during unusal times. His father hunted witches, vampires and werewolves, but many times innocent people were killed by incorrect judgements. Carlisle began to take over his father's duties when he was bitten by a vampire. When he realized what had happened, he tried to kill himself, something we know to be almost impossible. He refused to kill a human for their blood and killed a deer instead. It came to him, that he could survive off the blood of animals and never have to kill a human being to survive.

Carlisle lived for centuries and his time was well spent. He went to school, lived with the Volturi as Stregone Benefice. Years later,when he was a doctor during the Spanish influenza epidemic in 1918, he found Edward. Edward was dying of the influenza and so was his mother. She begged him to save her son, and Edward became the first human to be bitten by Carlisle. Later, as Esme lay dying, Carlisle changed her too. Later he found Rosalie near death and turned her. Emmett was found by Rosalie who was afraid to turn him, she knew she might not be able to stop. Rosalie brought Emmett to Carlisle so he could save him. The rest of the Cullen family,Alice and Jasper, came in the 1950's to live with the vegetarian family.

Carlisle Cullen is not affected by the smell of human blood and he works as a doctor in Fork's hospital. It is there he first meets Bella.

The Cullens have a truce with the Quileute tribe. The Indians and Cullens can live in peace as long as there are no human deaths caused by the vampires. Jacob Black belongs to the Quileute tribe.

Carlisle Cullen, whose good looks make him look like a model, was turned when he was in his early 20's. He looks very young. He is tall, about 6ft 2in and has blonde hair. Charlie Swan tells Bella all the nurses at Forks Hospital are sorry that Carlisle is married to Esme.

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