Care Bear Coloring Page Printable and Free

Care Bear Coloring Page Printable Sheets are Free and lots of fun for kids.

Who are the Care Bears?

At first the Bear drawings were found on greeting cards. Next they became a line of children's plush toys and finally became animated cartoon characters. The Care Bears are loving little bears. They are a line of plush animals and animated cartoon characters. Kids really like care bears, and have for decades. The special insignia each bear has on it's belly is a clue to that Bear's personality.

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Here are some of the Care Bears:

  • Bedtime Bear (blue with a cresent moon on his belly)
  • Birthday Bear(golden yellow-cupcake)
  • Cheer Bear (pink-rainbow)
  • Friend Bear (orange-flowers)
  • Funshine Bear(yellow-sun)
  • Good Luck Bear (green with a fourleaf clover on his belly)
  • Grumpy Bear(blue-raincloud and raindrops)
  • Love-A-Lot Bear(pink-hearts)
  • Tenderheart Bear(orange-big red heart)
  • Wish Bear(blue-green-yellow star)
  • Baby Hugs (pink-pink heart)
  • Baby Tugs (baby blue-diaper)
  • Champ (royal blue-trophy and red star)
  • Daydream Bear (blue-violet-heart shaped planet)
  • Grams Bear (sky blue-pink rose with a yellow bow)
  • Harmony Bear (violet-smiling flowers)
61 Care Bear Pages

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9 Care Bear Pages

Care Bear Cousins Coloring Pages Printable

Care Bear Cousins Printables include:

  • Lots A Heart Elephant
  • Brave Heart Lion
  • Cozy Heart Penguin
  • Gentle Heart Lamb
  • Bright Heart Racoon
  • Loyal Heart Dog
  • Proud Heart Cat
  • Swift Heart Rabbit

Care Bear Cousins

More pages are to be found at Nick!

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