Care Bear Birthday Party

Care Bear birthday party will show your kids you "care a lot"! There are so many Care Bear party supplies, party favors and even Care Bear coloring page printable items that you can use at your kids party. All this effort will show you Love A Lot too!

The Party Works has lots of Care Bear party supplies...plates, cups, napkins and even cupcake decorating ideas and tools. They even have entire birthday decorating supply kits. Take a look!

Party Packages

There's no toy as loveable as a Care Bear. These colorful little plush bears have made millions fall in love with them. The message that comes along with each bear is that your feelings matter, whether you are feeling sad, scared, caring, funny or cheerful. Kids learn a wonderful lesson from these sweet little plush bears.

Care-full Party Planning

Choose a date and time for your party, and then a guest list. When you are planning your party you can think about making your own party invitations. Cut some construction paper in half. Fold each piece in half, and you've just made your own card. Use Care Bear stickers or print out images from your computer, add some glitter to decorate the front and fill your party information inside. It's easy to make your own invitations and it's a fun, easy craft to share with your kids. Don't want to make your own party invitations? Then buy them online or at a local party shop.

These are some great party supplies for your Care Bear birthday party.

Care Bear Party Game Ideas

You will need some Care Bear Party Game Ideas! Here's a few games kids enjoy...oldies but goodies...but fun all the same.

Love A Lot Says...just a little twist on one of the most classic party games ever...Simon Says.

Musical Chairs to the Care Bear theme song.

Pin the Heart on Love A Lot is another easy party game that's fun. You can even make it yourself with a Love A Lot picture and some hearts.

For a easy party activity try to find some Care Bear coloring page printable items. You can get some coloring pages on line or buy a coloring book and give each child a few pages with some crayons.

Here's a fun idea for your Care Bear birthday party...give each of the kids a Care Bear sticker sheet and a party hat to play with. How about name tags? Print some up and give each child a Care Bear name.

Here's a list of Care Bear names:

Cheer Bear
Love-a-Lot Bear
Tenderheart Bear

Care Bear Birthday Cake

The Party Works is the place to find some great Care Bear cake and cupcake decorating accessories. Cupcake rings, edible images, sugar decorations and more. Just click on the link at the top of the page, and you can look at them all. Get some good party decorating ideas...and bake your own cake now that decorating it will be so easy.

Fill some decorated bags with some goodies and hand each guest a gift as they leave the party. Thank you notes are a wonderful way to say Thank You to each of your guests. What a easy way to make each of your party guests feel very special!

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