How To Make Your Own Greeting Cards

You can learn Cardmaking. Yes, you can learn how to make your own greeting cards for your friends and family. A homemade card is a wonderful expression of love. It's as much fun to give as it is to get...and a homemade card is lots of fun to get. Imagine how much someone likes you when they put the time and effort into creating a special greeting card just for you. What a lovely gift. And now, you can learn how to make that special greeting card...because I am going to show you how I do it.

  • What materials to use
  • Where to find them
  • How to make a simple card
  • The different kinds of folds
  • How to find the right font
  • Special accessories and tools

Take a look at some of the homemade card pictures we have. Get some easy card making ideas from them and you will see how nice these handmade cards can look. Once you start this fun hobby it becomes addictive. I use lots of scrapbook supplies when I make my own greeting cards.

Find lots of Card Making Tools & Supplies at

Making A Homemade Card for Halloween.  Click on this handmade card picture to see more card pictures and ideas.

Cardmaking is so simple a child can do it and at the same time some homemade cards are beautiful works of art. And yes, something can be simple and very beautiful at the same time. That's a trick you have to learn to. Sometimes simple is better. Straight lines, simple color blends, easy on the eyes...yet very lovely to behold. SO...are you ready to begin your card making lessons?

When you have completed your very first homemade me a favor...send in a picture of it. And then again when you make your second...I'd love to see them all and of course, I will be showing you all of mine.

Did you ever wonder how I began to make my own greeting cards? I saw this ad online one day...and I thought, "I'd like to do that!" So I signed up and that was that. Now I'm like an old pro at it and I can teach you all the secrets and short cuts to cardmaking that I learned.

Card Making Tips Membership
The best thing about this program...well, other than the hundreds of ideas, tips, videos to help with glue application, cutting styles, and even how to make four cards from one sheet of paper...(those weren't the BEST THINGS!) the best thing about this program is, if you don't like it you can cancel it in the next 30 days...and get your money back. So take a look at this wonderful cardmaking course and see if it's for you.

So, where do we begin our cardmaking instructions? I guess we should start right at the very beginning. Let's see why are we making this card. That will help us figure out what we want it to look like. It will give the card a "feel".

Say it's for the birth of a new baby boy...little boys will be big cardmaking theme for me...I going to be a Grandmother this year...I am getting my first Grandchild in November of this year and IT'S A BOY!

Anyway, back to we are going to make a card celebrating the birth of a new baby and we know it is a boy. So first let's pick a, yellow, blue are all good. I am picking blue. Any neutral color or not so neutral color will be perfect. Pink probably isn't a good choice...but if that's what you want to can, since you are the one making the card.

What shall we decorate it with. What says Congratulations New Little Guy to you? Is it a cowboy theme or building blocks, you pick out the theme that works for you.

I am going to pick the baby blocks theme.

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