Captain America Movie Party Ideas For Kids

Find Fun Captain America Movie Party Ideas That Are Perfect For A Kid's Birthday Party.Plus get fun game ideas, party supplies suggestions, invitations, and even some birthday cake decorating ideas for a Captain America Birthday Cake!

The Captain America Superhero movie is breaking box office records and that means two is going to be a popular kids birthday party theme and it is going to be a popular adult and kids Halloween costume idea. So Mom, what are you waiting for? Get your party supplies, costumes and fun ideas now!

Captain America - Deluxe Party Pack & 8 Favor Boxes

Captain America - Deluxe Party Pack & 8 Favor Boxes

Party supply boxes like the one pictured above are loaded with party decorations and the party ware you will it comes with invitations and Captain America party favor boxes for the can also find party packs that do not include the party favor boxes...just in case you like to find your own!

Captain America Party Game Ideas

Every kids birthday party needs some fun party games and it's always extra fun to match your games to your party this case it's Captain America. You can make a fun party game using Pin the Tail on the Donkey as a model...Create a Shield on Paper and hang it up. Give each child a cut out star shape with double sided tape on one side. Blind fold each child when it's their turn, spin them once or twice and send them off in the direction of the poster. They must put the star in the middle of the shield...and the one who comes closest is the winner...or you can give everyone a Superhero temporary tattoo for playing!

Captain America Movie - Captain America Shield (Child)

Captain America Movie - Captain America Shield

Find more fun games for a Captain America Movie Party at our Super Hero Party Games Where You Will Find A Captain America Shield Frisbee Toss Contest!

For some background on Steve Rogers, who becomes Captain America go to our Steve Roger's Captain America Costume page or check on Wikipedia to get some background on Steve Rodgers and find out all about how he became Captain America, the First Avenger! It's a good story, a popular movie and a fun kids birthday party theme! Click here to go to the Wiki page on this newly released First Avenger Movie.

You can also visit's other Captain America pages to find party games and ideas to fit this fun Superhero party theme. How about that Captain America birthday cake? You can bake and frost your own cupcakes and decorate each one to look like Captain America's shield. You can do that easily with tubed icing gel in red and blue...or you can decorate a baked and frosted birthday cake with this easy to use cake topper kit.

Captain America Spin and Fight Cake Topper

Captain America Movie Trailer

Captain America Costumes For Halloween - Adult and Kids Costume Ideas

I found Captain America Costumes for Halloween in adult and kid sizes...boys, girls, men and women can all dress up like this red, white and blue Superhero...Steve Rogers...or for the ladies, Stevie Rogers. You can also find Red Skull costumes too. Find the perfect costumes for everyone in the family to dress up in this Halloween! You can also find Captain America Girl Body Art and a Captain America Face Tattoo to enhance your costume...just like Steve Rogers was can complete your costume and decorate yourself with.

Here are the kids Captain America Halloween costumes I found at my favorite online Halloween costume store...take a look for yourself!

Captain America Girl Classic Child CostumeCaptain America Movie - Captain America Muscle Child Costume

Find The Halloween Party Supplies, Props And Decorations You Need To Decorate Your House Inside And Out For A Halloween Party This Year!

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